Testing / CAE

Testing / CAE at EDAG


By validating products and product features at an early stage, development periods are shortened and development costs reduced. Our CAE experts take over responsibility for the functional design of components, systems and complete vehicles.

    • Rigidity, stability and misuse assessments
    • Vibration and acoustics
    • Operational strength and fatigue resistance
    • Vehicle dynamics
    • Passive vehicle safety (structural design, passenger protection, head bounce and pedestrian protection)
    • Active vehicle safety (virtual representation of different test scenarios)
    • Passenger safety (design of restraint systems)
    • Flow simulations (aerodynamics, air conditioning, etc.)
    • Heat inflow calculations
    • Manufacturing simulations (injection molding, deep drawing...)
    • Electrical engineering/electronics calculations (EMV, thermomechanics, cables, circuit boards...)
    • Production of material cards together with our accredited testing laboratory
    • Tool development for specific applications for reducing process times

Dimensional management

Gap dimensions are a decisive quality feature with customers. EDAG dimensional management sets itself the challenge of 'permitting' large inividual component tolerance while at the same time complying with geometrical target specifications for gap dimensions. The advantage to you is obvious - the high, reproducible geometric quality of your products.

    • Definition, documentation and visualisation of geometric target specifications:
    • Definition of reference point systems (RPS) and documentation
    • Creation of clamping and fixing concepts
    • Conducting three-dimensional tolerance calculations/simulations
    • Rigid body simulation (rigid body analysis)
    • Tolerance simulation taking component deformation into account
    • Tolerance analyses to detect drivers for tolerance and for targeted product and process optimisation
    • Visualisation of the tolerance variations
    • Toleration of components (GD&T) in accordance with DIN ISO 1101 and ASME

Test Laboratories

Components come under heavy pressure during the useful life of the vehicle. We have the experience and a wide range of test equipment and facilities to guarantee functionality and durability.

EDAG "Accredited Test Centers" by DAkkS in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratories are a USP in the market. We have been granted flexible accreditation, attesting to our competence not only to test in accordance with stipulated specifications and standards, but also to modify these if necessary.

    • Testing for components made of polymer materials
    • Calculation of material properties and advice on materials
    • Environment simulation and operational stability
    • Aging, weathering and dust simulations
    • Mechanical and electrical components
    • Material card production for simulation applications
    • Vehicle safety, bumper and sensor crashes
    • Acoustic testing of vehicles and engines, NVH (vibration, transmission path and noise analyses)
    • Testing of aggregate cooling and inspection of A/C components
    • Function testing
    • Prototype testing
    • Development and validation of new testing methods
    • Damage analysis

Test systems

Own test facilities give you flexibility. Our experts offer you extensive services and experience in the concept, development, construction, assembly and maintenance of test benches. We take responsibility for the entire process from the analysis of the test activity through to turn-key installation.

    • Test equipment for roller and wheel bearings to establish strength and life (simulation of load, contamination and climatic conditions)
    • Flow test stations for vehicle components (cylinder heads, valves, turbochargers, exhaust systems, heating, air-conditioning and air mass flow meters)
    • Test stands for sensors (e.g. pressure sensors and NOx sensors for vehicles)
    • Test equipment for fuel pumps (including ATEX explosive safety measures)
    • Test equipment for SCR systems (AdBlue)
    • Test stands for carrying out trials and fatigue tests on doors, flaps and seats and locking systems
    • Electrical equipment and automation of wind channels
    • Development test equipment and test stations in production for turbo engines (vacuum pumps, compressors and fans)

Complete vehicle validation

The validation and certification process is one of the most important milestones in the process to create a new generation of vehicles. This is where the decision is made as to whether a vehicle, concept or prototype meets the criteria for SOP and complies with legal requirements.

With our expertise in complete vehicle development, we know how it's done.

  • We supervise customers' vehicle development projects, from the preparation of product specifications through to SOP.

    • Detailed competition analysis
    • Development of complete vehicle specifications
    • Creation of complete validation plans
    • Termination of tests on prototypes
    • Complete vehicle testing with approval recommendation
    • Development and validation corrosion protection
    • Coordination and execution of certification tests
    • Support in preparation for homologation processes


Your contact person for CAE and vehicle safety: Jörg Hülsmann

Your contact person for testing: Stefan Alde




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