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Constantly evolving is an integral part of the EDAG DNA. Our willingness to constantly learn new things, to question ourselves and leave familiar paths is an essential factor for our innovative strength and our sustainable success. So that you too can realize your full potential, we accompany you with careful inclusion, internal training and support your further qualification e.g. to the master degree.

If you feel like working on the mobility of the future and dealing with questions that are not (yet) answered, come to EDAG! We look forward to receiving your application!



You should get acquainted with your dream career as early as possible! Are you close to receiving your school leaving certificate? Or do you see your professional future in the technical, commercial, or IT area? Take advantage of the opportunity to gain initial experience in an intensively supported internship and get a first-hand look at different professions. We offer student internships at many of our German locations.

    • Technical product designer
    • Information technology
    • Machinist
    • Industrial mechanic
    • Vehicle body and structure mechanic
    • Vehicle mechatronics engineer
    • Technical model maker
    • Electrical engineer
    • Media designer
    • Technology
    • Commercial
    • Information technology
    • Electrical technology
    • Cover letter / Letter of motivation outlining your career aspiration and internship period
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Most recent school certificate


Apply for a job with us! Your curriculum vitae and your current school report give us a good insight into you. Please indicate in which area you see yourself and when you want to start. Your contact Laura Bartels is looking forward to getting to know you better in a first interview!



What happens after school? At EDAG, a whole lot! For example, during a student internship you can obtain an initial overview of EDAG as employer. Or start right out with an exciting apprenticeship!

Committed apprentices quickly take on responsibility, work on genuine customer projects and are in contact with our famous international customers. In this regard the topics have never been so exciting: Whether eMobility, carsharing, or controlling vehicles via apps – being involved in these areas is real pioneer work!
Our support programme for our apprentices includes thorough initial training, numerous in-house continuing education courses, and individual opportunities. Depending on what basic training you have completed, we then actively help you to gain further qualifications, as master craftsman, technician or with a dual education program. Together we will bring out the best you have to offer!

Find out more now and decide on a future at EDAG!

EDAG – we are passionate about providing apprenticeship training

EDAG has been training apprentices for approximately 45 years; providing young people like you with a qualified start to their professional career. Today, more than 2,000 apprentices have learned a trade at EDAG in the commercial or technical area and thus have made themselves fit for a successful career. You will meet many of them at EDAG; we didn't want to let them go. Read here what connects both generations.

  • History really does repeat itself: The enthusiasm for technology and the fun of solving the trickiest tasks attract smart people to EDAG. That was the case with the first apprentice and today still motivates aspiring students combining a degree course with work placement. An unbridled desire for a future in the automotive industry unites both generations.



    It was only 50 metres to the office. "They're doing something with cars there", Willi Schwarz remembers his first encounters with EDAG. "The light often burned deep into the night. As teenagers we all found that incredibly exciting." It's the year 1973. After intermediate school, the 16-year-old was deciding on his professional career. Following a work placement during the Christmas holidays, he was convinced, "That's where I will start."

    On 1 September 1973, the time had come: Willi Schwarz is the first apprentice of the design office Horst Eckard, which was founded just four years earlier. "It was very informal, a small team of 10 to 12 people who wanted to do something big together," he enthuses still today. He spent his first few working days tracing clean lines on drawing paper and designing and dimensioning the first parts. "But then I was soon brought in to work on specific projects."

    46 years later, in the anniversary year 2019, Willi Schwarz meets Lisa-Marie Weidemann in Fulda. The 24-year-old aspiring vehicle engineer completed a dual degree course at EDAG and the renowned Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Just like the first apprentice back then, she is now at the start of her professional career. Except that she is not beginning in a small design office, but in a global company with over 8,600 employees. This raises the question of what these different generations actually have in common? And what does origin mean in regard to shaping the future?

    I'm working on the mobility of tomorrow - I think that's wonderful!

    "I was always interested in technology from childhood, I always wanted to know everything in precise detail," says the student. That probably ran in the family. Her father even worked at EDAG, in the development department headed by Willi Schwarz. Once, when she was a little girl on a Sunday stroll with her scooter, she had wondered why her father was so much faster on his bike. "Force equals mass times acceleration, was his only reply. I never forgot that," says Lisa-Marie Weidemann. "I just have a natural curiosity for technical and mathematical things. Like one time when I was walking around a lake, I wanted to know the easiest way to determine its volume."

    For Willi Schwarz, this is part of the EDAG DNA. "You just have to enjoy what we do here. And you need a good three-dimensional imagination: Before starting work, you should already have a picture of the result in your mind's eye."
    Willi Schwarz also had a clear picture of his own professional advancement in view. He subsequently completed secondary education and, in the early 1980s, studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, where Lisa-Marie is currently enrolled. During his studies, he first became acquainted with computer aided design (CAD); for her this was already available at the beginning of her training. "Manual drawing and PC design went hand in hand, with a focus on CAD," relates Lisa-Marie. "That's how times change." Today, in the practical phases of her training she supports the body in white team and develops vehicle doors.
    "As a developer, in everything you do, you always revert to something that previously existed," says Willi Schwarz. "Then there is the question of what we want to transfer and what we want to change," he describes the "mechanics" of innovating. The inevitable result is an inevitable improvement in the project matter. This means that you simply have to do things better. Lisa-Marie has also made this EDAG spirit of continuous improvement her own: "You have to be allergic to stagnation and able to question your own work critically. Are things still the same as we once thought, or does a better or cheaper solution now exist?"


    In these times of digitalisation and globalisation, the pace of development has increased in breathtaking fashion, likewise making the hearts of Willi Schwarz and Lisa-Marie Weidemann beat faster. "Ten years ago, autonomous driving seemed to be light years away; today, in terms of technology, it is close enough to touch," says Schwarz. "In order to take decisive action, as developers we must now be able to manage transdisciplinary interfaces. For example, in electronics, which plays an increasingly important role in the overall vehicle. Such as their integration into the chassis components or superstructures and the increasing number of comfort and infotainment offers. That is very demanding. After all, there is no product worldwide that would be nearly as complex at these high volumes."
    For people who want everything to be straightforward and according to plan, these are especially uncomfortable times. "I find that very interesting and incredibly exciting," says Lisa-Marie. A sense of adventure is also part of the attraction for her. She worked in the vehicle test centre in Puebla, Mexico, for two months, where she enjoyed a lot of international encounters. "People from different cultures work hand in hand there and spend the evenings together. I was deeply impressed by this sense of community, openness and very different mentality," she says. For Willi Schwarz it is clear: "If we want to meet the demands of global markets, we have to be on the spot. Placements of this nature are therefore worth their weight in gold. I think it's great that young people have these kinds of opportunities today."

    Willi Schwarz also thinks there is an urgent need to open up the widest possible personal horizons and new ways of thinking in this way: "We are facing a fundamental change in the automotive industry and it is still unclear where the journey will take us: Is the electric motor really the be all and end all or is the fuel cell the answer? Possibly, but then other, completely different new drives may also appear on the scene. And then there is the wide field of networking. For a designer, the environment could not be more exciting."
    Lisa-Marie Weidemann also sees it that way. "I'm working on the mobility of tomorrow - I think that's wonderful!" With her fellow students, she is currently researching a so-called Level 4 vehicle, which drives autonomously but also can be controlled manually. "Our prototype should be in Hamburg in 2021."

More than 70 committed full-time and part-time trainers and a modern learning environment with our own training centre guarantee a high quality of education. But don't just take our word for it! Our apprentices have repeatedly won awards on the state and national level for their excellent examination results. Apprenticeship has always been at the heart of our efforts to secure young talent. In the future we will rely on our young colleagues, who are motivated and bring in their know-how with commitment.

What do you want to become?

Currently there are 14 professions to chose from. Depending on the vocational sector, the training lasts for either three years or three and a half years.

    • Electronics technician for production engineering
    • Specialised employee for media services and information services
      Specialisation: Information and documentation
    • IT specialist
      Specialisation: Application engineering
      Specialisation: System integration
    • Mathematical-technical software engineer
    • Warehouse logistics specialist
    • Vehicle body and structure mechanic
      Specialisation: Vehicle body maintenance technology
    • Industrial mechanic
      Specialisation: Precision engineering
    • Vehicle mechatronics engineer
      Specialisation: Passenger vehicle engineering
    • Digital and print media designer
      Specialisation: Design and technology
    • Technical model maker
      Specialisation: Vehicle body and production
    • Technical product designer
      Specialisation: Machines and plant construction
      Specialisation: Product design and construction
    • Production technologist
    • Metal cutting mechanic
      Specialisation: Milling technology
    • Industrial business manager
    • IT management assistant

Apply for a job with us! Your curriculum vitae and your current school report give us a good insight into you. Please indicate in which area you see yourself and when you want to start. Your contact Laura Bartels is looking forward to getting to know you better in a first interview!

View the open apprenticeships now

  • Ideal opportunities for being offered a job
  • Award-winning & future-oriented training
  • Sponsorship program
  • Flexible working hours
  • Attractive training wage
    • Promotion of sports and health
    • Softskills training
    • Creative freedom
    • Team building (events, outings, networking, etc.
    • In good company – over 400 apprentices and students in the enterprise
    • Targeted exam preparation
    • Apprenticeship-relevant workshops
    • Intensive initial training
    • Continuing education possibilities for master craftsman or technician qualifications or dual education program
    • Workplace of the future for your career planning
    • Over 45 years of apprenticeship at a high level, substantiated by numerous awards
    • Modern learning environment
    • Team work
    • Real project collaboration
    • Committed trainer team
    • Orientation and career assessments
    • Holistic apprenticeship schedule
    • Individual support
    • Regular feedback discussions


When theory and practice complement each other, things are really great! A dual study program at EDAG offers you great opportunities for your future career. Whether you are interested in technology, business, IT or production, we offer suitable studies for almost every talent! Currently, you can choose from 15 study courses. Naturally, your studies will be rewarded with a monthly allowance.

Dual studies?

At the dual university or college, you will acquire the theoretical and scientific know-how. We cooperate with the most renowned schools and faculties in Germany. During the other half of your studies, you can practically implement your newly acquired skills at EDAG. You work in permanent teams and on real projects - usually even with customer contact. Internationality is very important to us and is much more than just a language course. We support you in selected courses of study to experience practical application at our international locations. In this manner, you will be optimally prepared to act in international project teams in the future. As the world's largest independent engineering service provider to the global auto industry, you can also expect highly interesting future topics such as autonomous driving, new mobility concepts and electric mobility.

Apply for a job with us! Your curriculum vitae and your current school report give us a good insight into you. Please indicate in which area you see yourself and when you want to start. Your contact Laura Bartels is looking forward to getting to know you better in a first interview!

Vacancies for dual studies


There are currently 15 dual study courses to choose from.

  • Electrical engineering
  • Vehicle construction/automotive engineering
  • Vehicle system engineering
  • Industry
  • Information technology
  • Logistics management
  • Mechanical engineering - construction and development
  • Mechanical engineering - production technology
  • Mechanical engineering - virtual engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • RSW-Business taxation, corporate accounting and finance (BStUF)
  • Industrial engineering - international technical project management
  • Industrial engineering - automotive Industry
  • Training integrated study vehicle technology
  • Training integrated engineering diploma (FH) automotive engineering
  • Training integrated study international technical project management




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