Smart City & Smart Region

Developing digital cities and regions into a smart living space

Our smart city experts support municipalities, towns and cities on the way to a clean, safe, worth living in, energy-efficient and sustainable living environment – by networking data, applying software solutions and developing collaborative ecosystems.

We regard the smart city as a joint undertaking, and join our partners in developing solutions with an added value for citizens. There are already a great many well established solutions on the market, and to save cities and municipalities from having to reinvent the wheel, as it were, we help them to select solutions tailored to their own specific needs.

The digital world programmed to be worth living in with EDAG Smart City.


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Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure

Data in cities and municipalities is valuable, but only by networking is it possible to create a digital ecosystem that offers an added value. Urban data platforms often form the basis for connecting data from a wide variety of different sources and then deriving smart solutions using this data. Dashboards, which use diagrams and graphs to visually represent the data, are the means by which it is made available. When it comes to the intelligent infrastructure, values ​​such as "public money", "public code" and "open source" are particularly important to us, since the idea is for cities and municipalities to benefit from existing solutions and be able to adapt them to their own requirements.

As digitalization experts, we support cities and municipalities with the digitalization of their infrastructures, if necessary using our own smart services, for instance the defect reporting device or our parking apps.

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Smart Government

Not only is digital administration a major issue for the future; it is also the basis for minimizing long queues in the town hall and creating efficient processes. Our process consultants, process developers and interface programmers help to ensure that the digital city hall can actually be used by citizens to process online applications quickly and easily from their homes.

The aim of digital administration is to create a fully digitized process so that applications no longer have to be made in paper form, and the digital processes can ensure the necessary conservation of resources. What is more, efficient processes make it easier for data to be processed, while also relieving the workload on employees.

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Smart Mobility

The subject of smart mobility can be found in just about any smart city strategy, as towns and cities are confronted with many and varied challenges. These include the lack of mobility alternatives in rural areas and the problem of parking facilities in inner cities.

The mobility of today needs to be completely rethought. It must become more sustainable and efficient. Our aim is to use our mobility solutions to counteract these challenges. We are, for example, developing a concept for mobility hubs. The point of these is to link various transport options with each other to give citizens in rural areas an alternative to using the car.

Digital implementations such as the trive.park app, which can help with the search for a parking garage, are already being used in smart cities.


Smart People

In a smart city, the aim is always to create added value for its residents - which means that all activities are centered around the citizens.

In addition to the development of smart solutions, it is essential to support people and make digitalization accessible to them. We can assist here by providing learning platforms which apply various methodical approaches, for instance workshops or blended learning, to enable  people to acquire digital skills. In addition, citizens can also experience our own VR/AR solutions for training sessions, including gamification.

If the solutions engineered are to meet with the approval of a town or city's population, integration of the citizens in the smart city development process is essential. Civic initiatives can be initiated in order to collect the ideas, opinions and suggestions that residents consider to be important.


Judith Schultze

Business Development & Sales