Process Consulting

Consulting by Engineers

We support R&D departments to optimize their processes and efficiently meet industry standards.

We focus on the benefits of our customers and on feasibility in the daily project routine. For a development process that produces maximum product quality.

Our aim is to make process improvements visible and measurable. 

Portfolio  Benefits Methods


  • Assessments in accordance with Automotive SPICE®: With intacs-certified assessors, we evaluate the development processes at your own or your suppliers' facilities.
  • Coaching: In one-to-one discussions on process implementation we support the key people in your projects and prepare you for assessments.
  • Process modeling: We document your processes, work with you to develop completely new projects or incorporate elements of projects already being used. This could be with BMPN 2.0, in Stages or using the SIPOC diagram. For software and system development in accordance with A-SPICE, we have tried and tested process building tools on which we can draw.
  • Process optimization: We analyze and evaluate actual processes and identify ways in which they can be optimized. We will also see you through the implementation of a package of measures.
  • Training: We offer lively and practice-oriented training sessions on quality standards, process management and project management.
  • Workshops: We will organize and moderate workshops for you and, as a neutral mediator, provide methodical support with decision-making and in the event of conflicting goals.



Automotive development is becoming increasingly complex: new technologies, new tools, new customer requirements, new working methods.

Growth, quality in development results and project management are all conditional upon processes. Standards help to reduce complexity and avoid waste in development.

What you can achieve with good processes:

  • Build-up of trust with your customers. Process quality means product quality.
  • Structure and clarity for your team
  • Compliance with norms and industry standards such as Automotive SPICE®, ISO 26262 Functional Safety, ISO/SAE 21434 Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Detection of potentials in your development processes
  • Effective control of the operations in your environment
  • Competitive edge: Processes make all the difference!


We will accelerate your way into the future. We work with a generic modular process which has demonstrably achieved capability level 2. Our successes serve as our starting point for further developing your processes, and we are happy for you to benefit from these.


  • We focus on the "I" in Automotive SPICE®, the step-by-step improvement of processes in development. For process optimization, we follow the Automotive SPICE® (Software Process Improvement Capability Determination) process reference model, the internationally recognized standard for software and system development in the automotive industry, and one of the cornerstones for ensuring the quality and safety of mobility solutions.

    We have successfully assisted numerous R&D departments in their efforts to establish capability level 2. This is confirmed by independent, official assessments.

    Our intacsTM accredited assessors – Provisional to Principal Assessor – will support you with the implementation of Automotive SPICE® specifications (practices) in your development process and with the assessment of process maturity: We offer assessments which are in accordance with the Automotive SPICE® process assessment model, and performed by our team of assessors. You decide whether this should be on site or remote.

    And we always keep an eye on the latest developments.

  • Change begins when we cease to simply "know" and begin to understand and are therefore motivated to follow the change. We work with you to develop the necessary steps for changes to be efficiently implemented in your field of work and for them to achieve a high level of acceptance.

    Working on processes is working on people. So for this reason, we pay attention to the elementary needs of people – a sense of belonging and autonomy for instance – when implementing any steps. To achieve high acceptance levels and a result that works, we ensure that people affected by changes – and their know-how – are already involved in the preparations for implementation. For a development process that is actually put into practice.

  • As part of the EDAG Group's E/E segment, the Process Consulting team is embedded in the series development business. Our consultants have a practical background and are experienced in the development of software and systems suitable for series production for the international market. This is a path we follow with our engineering departments every day – and regularly take software and systems into series production.

    Our Process Consulting experts work across our various sites. We are currently represented at our sites in Berlin, Munich, Ingolstadt and Regensburg. We are ideally equipped to offer both on-site and remote support.

Alin Javorsky

Team Lead Process Consulting


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