EDAG Zero Prototype Lab

Drive first, build later

The EDAG ZERO PROTOTYPE LAB in Wolfsburg is a state-of-the-art driving dynamics simulator center that is open to all market participants worldwide. This opens up a whole new chapter in automotive technology development for our customers: vehicles, their functions and driving dynamics can be comprehensively tested by humans before the physical vehicle is built.

5 Top User Benefits

  • Faster and more precise user-centered development
  • No time-consuming and costly testing of physical prototypes in the early development phases of the product origination process
  • Season-independent optimization of vehicle motion dynamics already in the virtual space on various test sites and race tracks worldwide with controlled environmental influences
  • Reduction in the use of materials and resources, reduction of the CO2 footprint in the development process
  • Significant reduction in time to market

Our Target Groups

  • OEMs and New OEMs
  • Tier 1 & System Suppliers
  • Tire Manufacturers
  • Motorsport and Racing Teams
  • Vehicle Motion Dynamics and Driving Safety Research



Focus on complete vehicle, module and function development without physical prototypes

  • Independent of the environment
  • Time and cost-saving
  • Reproducible testing
  • Sustainable


Integration of innovative mobility software and connected services early in the product development process

  • Software-defined development
  • Unlimited simulation spectrum
  • Testing of assistance systems and autonomous driving functions in a safe environment
  • System customization during the development process
  • Car-to-X connectivity

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Connection between objective simulation data and subjective human perception with a special focus on the next steps towards autonomous driving.

  • Complex development of the human-machine interface
  • Human-in-the-loop simulation
  • User-friendly ergonomic vehicle design
  • Increased ride comfort

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Dynamic Simulator DIM500 for simulating vehicle motion dynamics

The Dynamic Simulator DiM500 is currently the largest and most powerful cable-driven simulator for development, racing, and research focusing on vehicle dynamics, vehicle motion, and driver interaction. The carbon fiber cockpit features 1:1 motion cueing, allowing the driver to be immersed in a virtual environment for a realistic driving experience. This even includes complex driving maneuvers. All scenarios tested with the virtual prototypes are recorded and documented in the connected data center in real time.

Motion, vibration and noise simulator COMPACT FSS

Designed for high-precision motion, vibration, and noise simulation in a small space, the simulator focuses primarily on human-centered solutions. Human-in-the-loop simulation is used to illustrate the connection between objective simulation data and subjective human perception. In this way, real insights into ride comfort over the entire frequency spectrum up to 20 kHz can be gained as early as the virtual development phase. This makes it possible to anticipate the characterization of the overall vehicle and how noise and vibration will be experienced.

Sensor and actuator simulator CONCURRENT RT (AUTOHAWK 16)

The simulator can be used at every stage of development, from concept to release, to carry out hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) tests. These tests support the development of vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and electric vehicles, for example, by testing and validating the functions of the battery unit and other power electronics components.


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Jonas Grötzinger

Senior Fachexperte Vehicle Motion bei EDAG