Function development

Creating new driver experiences – attribute management

Functionality that can be experienced is one of the strongest arguments for buying a car.
This is why we pursue a holistic approach encompassing all attributes in development

  • Safety
  • Dynamism
  • Comfort
  • Energy
  • Connectivity
  • Quality

Vehicle safety

"Integral safety" means the coordinated interaction of active and passive safety components.
Our experts in vehicle safety are involved right from the early concept phase.

    • Definition of system and component requirements tailored to the target market
    • Development of structural features of the shell
    • Selection of suitable restraint system components to achieve the goal
    • Integration of restraint system in the vehicle using simulation and protection
    • Use of sensor data of active safety systems to release the restraint system
    • Development of internal components to guarantee passenger safety
    • Certificate of goal achievement in the overall vehicle
    • Supplier management
    • Accompaniment of certification and homologation activities

Pedestrian protection

Vehicle safety is not only restricted to passenger protection. The entire vehicle environments must be considered to ensure the protective function for other road users.

    • Virtual test field definition (Ansa, Generator, Cava) and in the real vehicle
    • Concept definition of active and passive systems with target value definition
    • Specification of deformation spaces and worst-case analyses
    • Development of active systems (front flap, airbag) including sensor design
    • Simulation and validation (Radioss, PAM-Crash, LS-Dyna, Abaqus)
    • Protection of the system function on test benches and on the overall vehicle
    • Accompaniment of type tests and homologation activities

Acoustics, vibration and driving comfort

Acoustics and comfort play a decisive role in the driving experience in modern vehicles. Noise and vibrations must be avoided to create a positive overall impression with the customer. The conscious design of the vehicle's sounds in line with vehicle character is an additional aspects from a comfort perspective.

    • Description of attributes of comfort and acoustics of the overall vehicle
    • Value definition (objective, subjective) according to market positioning and consumer requirements
    • Development of structural dynamic properties of the shell
    • Optimisation - Powertrain NVH
    • Sound design to strengthen the vehicle character
    • Development of chassis, NVH and vehicle comfort
    • Development of aeroacoustics
    • Selection / development of components for insulation, damping and noise prevention
    • Development of comfortable seats
    • Simulation and protection of the test bench and in the overall vehicle


The aerodynamics are, along with weight optimisation and engine efficiency, a decisive aspect in influencing the energy balance of the vehicle.
Expert knowledge is required here, as it is important to analyse the effects on vehicle handling and also to analyse pedestrian protection and to resolve target conflicts.

    • Target value definitions to achieve vehicle goals
    • Simulations on engine compartment flow through
    • Simulation of flows and protection in wind channels
    • Development of aerodynamic components
    • Development of brake cooling
    • Optimisation of contamination behaviour of the vehicle


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