Functional Safety

Accident-free mobility

With the increase in vehicle networking, eMobility and autonomous driving, new issues that present a safety risk for people, the environment and vehicles are coming into focus. As a long-standing engineering service provider serving the worldwide automotive industry, we have for many years been involved in matters of functional safety and the growing challenges posed by issues such as high-voltage safety and cyber security. We consequently have an excellent overview of global best practices, and can offer optimum advice and implementation support. In addition, EDAG is your partner when it comes to the qualification of functional safety in your company. Working with you, we ensure that people and the environment are protected, and that the dangers for technical components in your vehicle are limited. This is how we shape the accident-free mobility of the future

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Implementation Partner  Staff Qualification

EDAG: functional safety implementation partner

In keeping with our philosophy - by experts for experts - the services we offer involve more than just consulting. We supply you with viable solutions in line with standards such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508, and implement them for you. In the process, you benefit from our agile teams consisting of 5 to 10 experts per project to cover all vehicle components, and from our single point of contact strategy.

Our services:

  • Safety management
  • System safety engineering
  • Application consulting
  • Staff qualification
  • Support processes

EDAG functional safety staff qualification

EDAG can assist with functional safety training for your staff. Our staff qualification is based on a tried and tested training concept adapted to your structures. The concept is based on a classic dual learning approach that ties in with the established role descriptions in your company, and guarantees optimum learning success.


EDAG Tech Talk

Our experts in conversation.

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EDAG Tech Talk

Our experts in conversation.

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Volker Häussler

Head of Department


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