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Are you looking back on years of experience and looking for a new task that challenges you? At EDAG, you have many opportunities to contribute and expand your extensive knowledge and expertise! Engineering has never been more exciting than it is now. New technologies and megatrends challenge us, but also open up many opportunities for us. And we will use these - together with you!

Whether you work in the technical, commercial or scientific field, we have the right job for you - and the right team!We offer you an environment in which you can develop, contribute and realise yourself. We want you to feel good and achieve our goals together!

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Do you have graduation in the bag and are looking for the ideal entry into professional life? EDAG is the right place to start your career!

As a leading engineering service provider for the global automotive industry, we offer exciting tasks and perspectives in developing vehicles: from cars and motorcycles to special and utility vehicles as well as commercial vehicles. And you can also contribute and deepen your know-how in developing modern production facilities.
Drive changes. Address issues that are not (yet) answered today. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of topics and internationality of your contact persons. Choose from more than 50 departments and find exactly the position that suits your strengths and interests. In an environment that is characterized by appreciation and recognition, we support you with individual development opportunities
Curious how that can look in concrete terms? That's what our colleague Daniel tells you. He joined EDAG as a graduate 10 years ago. He has meanwhile become a team leader working in computer aided engineering. His developments save our customers time and money, Since, working with technical product simulation, e.g. crash tests, his team tests safety of the latest models.Since, working with technical product simulation, e.g. crash tests, his team tests safety of the latest models. Without any prototypes. And without any physical test equipment.

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Dual study - the perfect combination of theory and practice And at the you have work experience and graduation in your pocket! Do you want to get a taste of the practice environment? At EDAG, you can complete varied internships and also write your final thesis. Learn now about your opportunities!

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You are still at the beginning of your career, but your development is important to us. We are a passionate training operation - and that for about 45 years now. With future-oriented training at EDAG, you will ensure a perfect start to your working life. Check our offer now!

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