Module development

Module development at EDAG

With our extensive engineering expertise, we take over responsibility for developing modules. We integrate components and systems functionally and set ourselves the challenge of increasing quality demands. From preliminary development and series development to series support after the start of production of individual parts, modules and the development of complete vehicles, we combine expert knowledge with the latest lightweight construction material technology trends.

One-stop extensive development

Services in module development

In a network of OEM, CAx experts and components/module suppliers, we ensure that technical , economic and procedural goals are attained.

    • Benchmark analyses
    • Design validation and preparation of technical specificationsDesign validation
    • Package and concept development
    • Manufacture-ready component development in the CAD systems, CATIA (Dassault), NX (Siemens), Creo (PTC)
    • Prototype construction
    • Technical and procedural interface management (simulation, data management, DMU, DIM, PMU)
    • Project management (module management, SE team leading, component manager)
      • Creation of vehicle regulations
      • Suppliers and development management
      • Change management
      • Continuing quality management
      • Approval recommendation in accordance with compliance regulations

"The shell is not everything but without it everything is nothing."

Body & HV battery case

Function fulfilment and cost efficiency are the challenge, lightweight construction and hybrid technologies are our tools.

We take responsibility for the development of complete bodies and act as a system integrator at all relevant interfaces.
Our goal: production-optimised development with optimum product features at minimum cost and weight.

    • Functional design according to the requirements of rigidity, stability and crash safety
    • Simulation of development concepts to ensure production requirements

"Gain access and keep it sealed."

Doors, flaps & lids

We are in control of the design methodology and have knowledge of materials, component features and function integration.

We set ourselves the challenge of developing complex module functions and using sustainable material concepts.

    • legal requirements, e.g. pedestrian protection
    • Acoustic properties and comfortable locking
    • Ergonomic requirements
    • Joint quality and sealing properties

„Hier fühlen wir uns wohl.“

Interior, instrument table & seat

Perceived value and quality play a significant role. The balance between optics, texture, usability, function and cost is the main theme of the development of the interior.

Included in the early project phase of concept selection and material definition, we work to achieve an optimum in goal conflict with regard to quality and cost.

    • Styling protection, building space and ergonomic inspections
    • Function development,  passenger safety, head impact
    • Development of seat metal structure and mechanism
    • Cover development and seat comfort
    • Integration of airbag systems
    • Construction and approval of seat concept

"See and be seen."


The understanding of emotional design as well as the development expertise of adaptive systems in the vehicle exterior allow us to implement an OEM-brand DNA.

The external appearance of the vehicle must be in line with the signature values of the brand. The same also applies to the development of the add-on parts. Whether it's spoilers, panels, windows, glass roof systems or complete modules, e.g. bumper systems  – we are the engineering specialists for add-on parts.

    • Design validation
    • Test - certifiability - outside edges
    • Function development - pedestrian protection
    • Protection of roof systems
    • Development of stone guard protection
    • Functional design of air inlets

"Turn on the light and retain the view."

Light & sight

The range of this module scope stretches from the development of glazing through to the optimum design of the lighting.

No component makes a more marked contribution to the appearance of a car than its lights. They give a vehicle character and its own unique expression. Whether they are refined, grand, friendly or even aggressive - the lights are the "eyes" of a car, and are optimised to give the desired effect.

    • Design drafts and design validation
    • Design prototyping and show car lights
    • Light visualisation and simulation for prototype and series production
    • Simulation of functional, ambient and accent lighting
    • Test of certifiability
    • Function development - pedestrian protection
    • Headlight conversions
    • Thermal design and simulation
    • Materials testing

"The wide variety counts."

Powertrain integration

New technologies with drive types present new challenges. Our expertise in overall vehicle development qualifies us as a partner in the integration of electric, hybrid, fuel cell and conventional drives in your platforms.

The future of the car is determined by different drive concepts. The key to success lies in intelligent integration in existing architectures.
Our drive experts handle this for you.

    • Geometric integration of drives and gearboxes
    • Developments of e-drive mechanics
    • Development of overall vehicle functions -  crash, firmness, NVH
    • Casing development (gearboxes)
    • Acoustic development for engines and drives

"Keep on track."

Chassis / vehicle dynamics

We accompany you through the transformation from mechanical to mechatronic chassis systems and focus on new technologies for the chassis of the future.

The chassis of the future will increasingly be more intelligent and more efficient and therefore an important component of the strategy for reducing CO2. We support you in developing new technologies that master the requirements of autonomous driving and progress networking.

    • Development and integration of vehicle concepts
    • Development of vehicle movement dynamics and comfort
    • Simulation of vehicle handling in the model of the overall vehicle
    • Concept and system development of axis and steering systems
    • Development and integration of brake systems
    • Development of active chassis systems and driver assistance systems
    • Integration of wheels and tyres
    • Development of fuel and SCR systems
    • Chassis coordination and testing




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