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Avoiding sources of error, maximising performance and agility

Digital transformation is far more than just a buzz word - the world is changing! With our digital products and services, we help companies both inside and outside of the mobility industry to inspire their customers: with successful, innovative mobility solutions to minimise sources of error and improve performance by providing greater agility in companies' development processes. We focus on products and services in the field of software and digitalisation for mobility and production.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual & augmented reality (VR & AR), digital services and smart factory concepts form the basis of our software and digitalisation portfolio. Developed to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes and the comfort and safety of vehicles, our fully integrated solutions will give you distinct advantages in global competition. Some have given rise to completely new business models, as our brands such as Feynsinn and show.

If you are to be successful in these fast-moving times, you need to be more innovative than ever before. We are your partners for shaping the mobility of tomorrow: with agile methods and digital services.
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Software and digitalisation experts for mobility and production


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Living the transformation: re-inventing mobility - re-inventing ourselves: Experience elevator rides to agile, modular "Software & Digitalisation" concepts for the future of mobility.

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Software and Digitalization as
Drivers of our Mobility

VDI podcast "Technik aufs Ohr" [Technology Talks]

Heiko Herchet, Sales Manager for Software and Digitalization at the EDAG Group, talking to Sarah Janczura and Marco Dadomo, VDI. 

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Embedded Systems

We will put you in the pole position when it comes to the development of high-performance, safe and reliable embedded systems.


Mobility & Cloud Services 

Software and cloud services that make cars and driving cars better.


Smart Factory

Using modern tools and methods to increase the efficiency of your production system.


Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionary algorithms make new (unprecedented) solutions possible.


Our Brands

Within the EDAG Group, FEYNSINN stands for technical consulting for the optimisation of development processes and high-end visualisations.

With, we have established a strong brand in the global automotive industry, combining our expertise in vehicle development with the spirit and imagination of software engineers, designers, data jugglers and network gurus.




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