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The supply industry shoulders a great deal of responsibility. Today, suppliers are an integral part of a complex value chain from development to production. With their expertise, they cover innovation intervals that are becoming shorter and shorter, taking over numerous tasks in vehicle development for the OEMs. And at all times, they must deliver top quality, just-in-time, and at competitive prices - worldwide. For small and medium-sized suppliers in particular, it is almost impossible to meet the increasing demands in the development process and at the international production sites. With the expertise acquired in the course of over 50 years in complete vehicle development, EDAG supports the supply industry in every phase of the product development process. You benefit from our engineering know-how and process reliability for procedures within the OEMs' structures, our international locations and our ability to optimise production processes and procedures. 

Your transition from a build to print to a build to specification supplier

Would you like to take on more responsibility for development in the future, so as to ensure your long-term competitiveness? Does evolving from a build to print supplier (Tier 2 or Tier 3) to a build to specification supplier (Tier 1) require expertise that you either do not have in your own company, or only to a limited extent? As an experienced 360° engineering and development service provider for complete vehicle development, we are happy to support and advise you in this undertaking. 

Let's talk now about your future strategy and requirements! 

Insights into the project and working world of our Supplier Experts

Expert knowledge on the topic

The automobile industry undergoing radical change

Global orientation and the innovations that are constantly being demanded of the automobile industry are changing the entire value chain, and calling for new skills in the development of the technologies of tomorrow and in their production. Any OEM wishing to enter new sales markets in the future will have to meet these changing market requirements.

  • And this is where suppliers come in: these changes are affecting not only the OEMs themselves, but also the entire automobile supply industry. Their skills as strategic partners are called for.

    Build to print suppliers must evolve into build to specification. Smaller companies should not be discouraged by excessive initial investments. This is the only way to ensure that they will continue to play an indispensable role in the supply chain.

    Do not allow cost or innovation pressure to be your downfall: with a suitable engineering service provider at your side, this could be exactly the right time to boldly take the lead and gain a clear competitive advantage!

    We know where the journey is headed, and how you can already set the right course for a successful future.

Reach your goal with the right suppliers

Production processes are becoming more and more digital, technological progress calls for increasingly agile production methods, the use of resources should be efficient and sustainable.

  • In order to turn the crisis into your springboard, there are a number of obstacles that need to be overcome. Are you securely positioned here? Do you have faith in your partners and suppliers? Or have you perhaps not questioned this for a long time due to the fact that you are in long-standing relationships?

    What about new ideas? Do your suppliers help you move forward? Do they drive innovation? Do they keep sight of the big picture?

    We ask 10 critical questions and show you which partners you can reach your goal with, and which it would be better to let go.

The perfect service provider briefing: how system suppliers find their "Perfect Match"

The automotive industry is a complex construct of system suppliers, sub-suppliers and manufacturers that form a crucial part of the automotive value chain. The demands on system suppliers and their services are constantly on the rise. This is as a result of shorter development cycles and challenges posed by innovations and new vehicle development in relation to topics in the area of alternative powertrains or autonomous driving.

  • However, if the necessary technical know-how, knowledge of processes or capacity is lacking for the successful implementation of a challenging OEM project, it is essential to consult an experienced engineering service provider at the very early stages of the project.

    In order to find your "perfect match" or, in other words, the one development partner who meets all your requirements, it is extremely important, in a similar way like speed dating, to ask the right questions right from the start. The right questions you should ask and other key elements you should observe in order to prepare the perfect service provider briefing are mentioned in detail in our white paper.

Mario Degner

Director Key Account Management Supplier


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