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Fulda / Berlin

After passing her final exams, apprentice Hannah Mey was announced National Champion at the Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony in Berlin

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Wiesbaden / Paris

EDAG Group, Mitsubishi Chemical and Kreisel Electric present innovative lightweight battery housing

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Longstanding vehicle development expertise meets professional driving skills: Partnership between EDAG Group and SSR Performance GmbH enters the next…

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Award winner: EDAG Group's innovative vehicle platform and zone-based EE architecture

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EDAG is merging several of its sites in Ingolstadt and Gaimersheim at the new Campus Ingolstadt, providing workplaces for 950 employees.

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Hi-Fi for all Seats

Having a high quality sound system in the car is not necessarily a guarantee for a good sound. The characteristics of the speakers, their installation in the vehicle and their directivity are just some of the variables that can affect the listening experience. Suitable measurement technology renders a useful service on the path to perfect sound tuning. There are different options here, each differing in its application.

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Solving Problems Before They Even Occur

Given the increasingly digital nature of our living and working environments and the ongoing digitalization of vehicles, aftersales in the automotive industry must also change. 

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Turbo for Innovative Bike Projects

Although the bicycle is enjoying a real boom, suppliers are under pressure from many different directions. EDAG's bike pros can help out with additional know-how and significantly reduce the time to market.

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High-Quality Input for AI from the Smartphone

More and more applications are leveraging the power of machine learning and neural networks for object recognition. However, how efficient artificial intelligence is at such tasks depends, among other things, on the quality of the training data.

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Tomorrow is great: Smart City

EDAG offers tailor-made services through to comprehensive smart city platforms to make cities more livable - by people for people.

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Living the transformation: re-inventing mobility - re-inventing ourselves: Experience elevator rides to agile, modular "Software & Digitalisation" concepts for the future of mobility.

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As an established engineering service provider, we support you with effective solutions to successfully meet the challenges of your markets.

Our industry focus

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360° Vehicle Engineering competence

Take advantage of our expertise from 50 years of vehicle development! As engineering partner, we support you at every stage of the product development process. Find out now about our vehicle engineering competences.


Electric / Electronics

We are your partner for electrical and electronic development in the automotive sector.

Together we take vehicle technology to the next level!

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360° Production Engineering

We help you seize the opportunities offered by digitalisation and meet the complex expectations of sustainable production. More about EDAG as a sought-after partner for project management and networked production engineering can be found here.


Software & Digitalisation

With agile methods and digital services, we are always looking ahead: for the mobility and production facilities of tomorrow.
Click here to find out more about EDAG's software and digitalisation portfolio.

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Investor Relations at EDAG

Find out everything worth knowing about EDAG shares and find out why EDAG as a globally recognized engineering service provider is a good investment.


Innovation at EDAG

In a dynamic automotive market, we develop solutions for environmental and sociopolitical challenges. We generate impulses and ideas and bring innovations to market maturity with perseverance and strength. Find out here on which future topics EDAG is working. Let yourself be inspired by groundbreaking projects.


Careers at EDAG

Think anew, drive your ideas and grow in a work environment that challenges and encourages you. The automotive industry is changing. The question is: what do we contribute to the result? We are looking for people who are ready to go new ways, live knowledge and innovation and work together to shape the mobility of tomorrow.

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