Process and Product Data Management

EDAG's Process and Product Data Management (PPDM) team handle the project-spanning, cross-divisional management of all processes to achieve milestones in the product creation process.
Working with you, we develop cooperation models that meet project requirements. It goes without saying that we meet your compliance requirements.

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ACHIEVING milestones


    • Prototypes / pre-production cars
    • Special vehicle projects
    • Selection of suppliers, requesting and assessing quotations
    • Coordination of project deadlines and guaranteeing component availability
    • Technology, deadlines, costs
    • Qualified component change handling
    • Presentation of proposed amendments in decision-making committees
    • Complete vehicle approval management
    • Type monitoring
    • Experimental vehicle coordination
    • Integration level managementVehicle ordering, vehicle handling, workshop orders
    • Coordination of endurance tests and approval drives
    • Status-compliant component releases according to PEP milestones
    • Standardised documentation of the design revision levels
    • Weight tracking, axle load calculation
    • Checking the data structure


    • Coordination and advancement of localisation process
    • Putting on workshops at production sites wordwide
    • Support for supplier sourcing, "new markets"
    • CCC & self-certification
    • Drawing up and management of approval-relevant documents globally
    • Worldwide coordination of component certificates
    • Research of all laws necessary for certification in the sales markets
    • Generation of approval reports on component volumes
    • Determination of needs, configuration and ordering of homologation vehicles
    • Worldwide dispatch of components, bodywork and vehicles, take-back and scrapping


    • Control unit management hardware & software
    • Controlling and tracking stocks of hardware and software in prototype, pre-series and mass-produced vehicles
    • Drawing up and complying with installation rules for control unit versions and the ODX baseline (diagnosis files)
    • Aggregate bearers / prototypes
    • Flashing, encoding, parameterization of control units
    • Analysis for troubleshooting hardware and software
    • Analysis of data streams in vehicle bus systems
    • Collision testing
    • Virtual vehicle validation
    • Data transfer
    • Data preparation
    • Data archiving and vehicle structure maintenance
    • Standards and directives
    • Drawing checks in accordance with standards and directives
    • Correction of drawings

Project management

    • Scheduling, reporting and archiving
    • Filling customers' systems
    • Producing data consistency, data conversion
    • Project milestones
    • Target management
    • Monitoring the current stage of development in the project
    • Safe handling of customers' project-relevant systems and processes
    • Systematic approval reporting
    • Standardised visualisation
    • Data analysis and plausibility checks

Carl-Hinrich Stephan

Vice President




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