Connected Services

The connection of the vehicle to the outside world

Like any smartphone application, all current vehicles have a data connection to the cloud and to the IT infrastructure: Connected Services. At EDAG we speak the automotive language and are familiar with both IT development and vehicle technology. That's why we can implement the use cases and services in Vehicle development , the best for and with our customers from the automotive industry.

More and more, therefore, smart vehicles are developing into a fully integrated component in the connected mobility ecosystem.

There are an estimated 7,000 different data points in a mid-size vehicle. Driving data, the status of operating materials and individual components, and also data about the vehicle's environment are constantly exchanged between the vehicle and the infrastructure.

Connected Services process this data and information and provide analyses and recommendations for action. These services therefore combine mobility requirements, mobility data, and user requirements via mobile and web applications and back-end systems. They offer countless added values resulting from the networking and processing of data by Connected Services.

We are the think tank for the networked vehicle and your mentor for the digital transformation using Connected Services. We understand how to revise existing business models accordingly or add services to them. Together with our customers, we accompany the entire implementation of a user-centric development of services as well as app development processes.

It's not enough to simply launch new services like our Connected Services. There is more to success: industry knowledge, a high level of technology expertise, the courage to test the market, and a keen sense of market requirements are essential. For example, collaboration with other companies can be a key to efficient market evaluation. We are the multifunctional adapter in the network of start-ups and automotive manufacturers. That's why we know how to select, evaluate and bring product ideas to maturity with the help of Connected Services.

Shorten the time to market: The EDAG road to innovation

Utilizing synergies: We bring together all our know-how from a wide range of projects for our customers and their requirements and bundle our competencies. Our own software products and modules such as PARKMOTIVE, wecardo, and our Smart City Dashboard point the way.

Avoiding costs: From ideation to innovation requirement management to actual development, maximum resource and manpower efficiency set the guard rails. The right thing at the right time, with the right resources and the right people - with Connected Services to countable development.

Reduce efficiency losses: It always comes down to actually getting the ideas on the road. With "Automotive Goes Scrum", our internal qualification program, we drastically reduce development times and guarantee high quality as complexity in the agile development field increases.

Starting point: Ideation

  • Innovation management for Connected Services
  • Requirements
  • Priority for UX/UI design and usability
  • Collaboration with technology partners and start-ups
  • Incubator for new ideas

Collaboration is king – drive your digital transformation in the field of smart mobility and city services with, our service and startup incubator program. Innovation cycles in the field of Software Development and Connected Services are very short. As an innovative engineering service provider, we at EDAG must keep our technological expertise absolutely up-to-date, and test new technologies. In the process, some ideas and technologies catch on, and some don't.

In order to ensure our speed, minimize risks and be well-prepared for customer projects, we work together with start-ups and technology companies in a targeted and organized manner.



  • App for booking a parking space
  • Platform for administering off-street parking and mobility services

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  • Platform for supply and demand exchange in the energy sector

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  • Your digital co-driver combining optimized handling, an onboard mechanic and roadside assistance in one app.

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Smart City Dashboard

  • Development and operation of a Smart City Dashboard for all citizens of a town/city
  • Open source software and connection to existing urban data platforms powered by FIWARE

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How to: The integration of Smart Mobility into the data universe


  • Development, validation and operation of mobile applications and services, for example in the areas of smart parking, smart charging, connected services and shared mobility.
  • Mobility dashboard for holistic web, app and tool development
  • White labelling of existing solution modules for mobility applications in the areas of booking, billing and regulatory requirements.
  • Complex backend development, development of interfaces, data architectures
  • Characterization of data pipelines and data analytics
  • Flexibility through Connected Services functions on demand
  • Implementation of Connected Services incl. GDPR compliance, security checks, mobile payment
  • Use of distributed ledger technologies such as IOTA
  • Use of existing data standards for efficient further development of their products (e.g. Trias API, GTFS, SIRI, OICP, OCPP, Mobility Data Specification (MDS), ...)

The mobility ecosystem is critical

The car is a symbol of freedom and independence.  But it is precisely this idea of freedom that brings with it restrictions and dependencies in everyday life.  Enormous space requirements in cities, traffic jams and the constant question of where I can charge or park my car - Connected Services can provide a remedy. The car as the IoT of a smart city, offers a wide range of possibilities and new freedoms.  For example, a whole new shopping experience where my car parks autonomously through Future mobility and my package is delivered directly to my trunk.  Or when I get paid for my full battery to help out in the power grid for a short time.  Connected Services that will inspire you!

Heiko Herchet

Sales Vice President


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