Sustainable Production


For a product to be really sustainable, not only must it be made of sustainable materials, it must also be produced sustainably, and sustainable recycling or disposal must be possible at the end of its service life. Production and recycling/disposal in particular have a significant impact on a product's carbon footprint.

As an engineering service provider, we support our customers in the planning, design, optimization and implementation of highly efficient and resource-saving production processes and plants.

Throughout, our goal is to maintain the existing resources in a cycle for as long as possible. This means continuously reusing a resource, without having to replenish the cycle with new resources. To perfect this concept, the reduction of the energy requirements of existing plants must be given equally extensive consideration.

The major success factors for sustainable production:

  • Recyclable products and resources
  • Smart factory and digitalization
  • Calculation of the CO₂ footprint of production
  • Mass production compatible recycling and re-use strategies
  • Waste prevention in production
  • Energy-efficient technologies and systems
  • CO₂ neutrality in the supply chain
  • Decarbonization measures for existing plants

Sonja Kolmer

Project Leader Sustainable Production


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