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EDAG: Aerospace products and solutions

The standards and quality requirements in the aerospace are high. This also entails major challenges in production. You need to be fast, in the development of prototypes, for instance, and use new technologies efficiently. At the same time you must not make any mistakes. 

With our visionary thinking and our many years of expertise in manufacturing, validation and development  in the field of aviation and defence technology, we turn your opportunities into competitive advantages: We are thoroughly familiar with the industry and recognise trends in software and hardware developments at an early stage, analyse changes in the market quickly and develop market-ready solutions. 

Aerospace and defence technology services

We make sure that you exploit the potential of new technologies. Our portfolio includes:

  • Prototype development
  • Tooling development
  • Hardware development


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The introduction of new products calls for complete validation. We are your partner in the validation of procedures and software and hardware systems to help you realize new concepts.

  • Validation of cross-sector synergies
  • Proofs of concept and evaluation of new systems and solutions including prototype implementation
  • Validation of functional and approval testing procedures


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EDAG combines precision with efficiency to implement the specific standards of aviation in high quality. Taking an all-round approach to manufacturing is what sets us apart.. For production we cover the relevant interfaces for development. Our customers benefit from a sustainable approach for production-optimised aerospace components. 

  • Structure and integration of system components in flight simulators
  • Rapid Prototyping for model and special solutions
  • Production and commissioning of customer-specific test and power distribution systems
  • Construction of aviation ground service equipment

EDAG is your strong partner for aviation and defence technology. We transfer innovative automotive technologies to the aerospace and defence industries, and help our customers to achieve the high quality standards required of developments. For more efficiency and safety on the ground and in the air. 



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