EDAG Code of Conduct provides guidance

As the world-wide-leading engineering company in the automobile industry, we want to set benchmarks also in dealing with each other, with business partners and the environment. In order to make this transparent also for our partners, we defined our conduct standards in the EDAG Code of Conduct. It correlates with our value system, to combine corporate actions with ethical principles and thus to ensure compliance with the statutory regulations by way of ethical conduct at all times.

The Code of Conduct provides our employees with guidelines for lawful and fair conduct throughout the daily routine and to handle the available resources and the environment responsibly. We expect each and every employee to feel the same degree of obligation as the executive board and management to comply with our regulations and contribute to the success of the company by behaving responsibly and honestly at all times.

Sustainability as a prerequisite for long-term success

Since the beginning of our company, we believe that legal actions and fair competition are indispensable for sustainable corporate success.

For EDAG, sustainability means future-oriented business orientation and the incorporation of ecological and social aspects in our management systems. We thereby face our commercial and social obligations for a sustainable development of the common good. For this reason, the EDAG occupational health and safety policy and the EDAG environmental policy have been defined as important keystones of our business. In addition, respect and fair interaction with our employees , customers and business partners is firmly established in our culture and determine our daily work.

Avoiding risks

Management has decided on a Compliance Management System for the entire EDAG Group designed to permanently ensure Compliance with the statutory provisions and internal directives. The objective of all Compliance measures is to establish a globally-oriented uniform conduct based on the regulations and values of the EDAG Group and thus prevent damage to the company and its employees.

Due to the promotion of a business-ethical corporate culture, we all contribute to reduce the probability of misconduct and compliance violations. This coincides with the preventive character of compliance at EDAG and ultimately serves not only for the protection of the company, but also each individual employee. Our Compliance Organisation supports the Executive Management, managers and employees in their daily activities, provides orientation and information on legal and other binding rules of conduct.

Information system EDAG EQS Integrity Line

With the EDAG EQS Integrity Line, we provide our employees, business partners and stakeholders with an electronic information system. It allows the reporting of potential violations of rules via a secure portal.

The introduction of this digital solution is designed to uncover misconduct and risks at EDAG in order to prevent harm to employees, the company or external third parties. As a component of the EDAG Compliance Management System, it therefore meets the preventive concept.

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