Vehicle Electrics & Electronics

E/E complete vehicle development

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In these development projects, we take over the project management for the corresponding E/E development. Whether using classic or agile development methods, everything follows clearly defined processes: from the definition of customer functions through all development phases to series production. We keep a careful eye on the whole big picture of an intelligent, comprehensively networked and service-oriented E/E architecture for the complete vehicle. With all our expertise, we shape it for the future, taking into account megatrends such as eMobility, autonomous driving and internet/connectivity.No matter whether we are working on a passenger/commercial vehicle or a future vehicle concept such as a people mover.

In development, we use our own benchmarks, features and component databases for everything to do with digitalisation and electrification. You also benefit from our know-how from pre- and series development, testing and validation. Just as the processes and physical implementations of the E/E innovations are important to the complete vehicle, the associated homologation is equally essential. We ensure compliance with market-specific legal requirements and complete system validation. And we take on the release management responsibilities.

We are your strong partner for complete vehicle development in the E/E sector. To this end, we network technologies, processes and the thinking of all the actors involved. E/E development is the ideal projection screen for holistically conceived, comprehensively networked innovations and also their integration in more complex models. This enables us to join together to shape the mobility of tomorrow.

Focus on the complete vehicle

Partner with a broad service portfolio

    • EDAG product development process
    • EDAG benchmark databases & configuration tools vehicle, components, features
    • Classic and agile project management methods
    • Quality/risk management
    • EE architecture development (service-oriented architecture)
    • Control concepts
    • Electrical system development
    • Energy management
    • Test/validation/homologation
    • Series support
    • Process Consulting
    • PREEvision
    • PDTEC
    • Confluence/Jira/Big Picture
    • Assessments according to Automotive SPICE
    • Coaching
    • Process modelling  
    • Process optimisation

    Read more: process consulting

The market defines the guidelines

Legal requirements, market benchmarks and customer requirements form the framework of every vehicle concept and the SOA E/E architecture derived from it.

On this basis, EDAG develops the required functional architecture and network topology. For example, we define all networks and communication interfaces, and create a comprehensive communication matrix.

Intelligence for the vehicle electrical system

2D and 3D electrical system development includes not only circuit diagrams and cable harness drawings, but also the complete package, including the mount design and cable ducts for each of the electronic components.

Simulations prepare the way: mechanically and electrically including validation of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
Our energy management is geared equally to NV, MV and HV systems. This is used to design and control the power distribution in the vehicle, e.g. in terms of energy storage, DC/DC converters, electric motors and the charging infrastructure.

Fit for the job: technology carriers and prototypes

In the Vehicle Electrics & Electronics program, the vehicle body is characterised by the:

  • development
  • setup and
  • commissioning

of prototype vehicles and other technology carriers, for instance within the context of autonomous driving (ADAS). In addition to the superstructures and conversions, we also take care of the fleet.

Dr. Jochen Hagel

Senior Vice President




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