Production Planning

Integration of Product Development and Production Planning

Developing products and planning the necessary production facilities have been our passion for more than 50 years. Integrating product development and production engineering in the earliest planning phases is what makes us and our customers so successful. Our independence from plant and machine manufacturers guarantees you technically optimised, cost-effective complete solutions.

Whether you are optimising only part of your production or planning and building a completely new factory: we support you throughout all phases of planning and concept engineering. On request, we also assume responsibility as general planner.

Expertise in implementation is EDAG's particular strength

Our strength lies in our high level of implementation expertise. This also sets us apart us from the rest: not only do we plan with you; we accompany you through to implementation. On request, we also control building construction, permit and resource planning and manage the planned production as a turnkey project.

  • Project feasibility and technology benchmarks
  • Permit planning
  • Process planning and validation
  • System planning
  • Logistics planning
  • Material flow simulation
  • Implementation coordination
  • Architecture and construction planning / resource supply planning
  • Factory planning
  • Moulding technology
  • CFRP / plastics technology
  • Body construction and paint planning
  • Assembly planning
  • Logistics planning
  • Safety engineering services

Advantages for the customer

  • We have successfully planned and implemented hundreds of manufacturing plants. This means that we can call on proven and innovative methods, tools and processes to plan your production or develop a completely new concept.

  • Ensure optimum product quality with minimum production costs

  • Sophisticated product and production planning as well as development through front loading, digitalisation and the dovetailing of various operational budgets shorten planning times.

  • On request, we manage and control all planning activities and implementation. This significantly eases the burden on smaller companies, in particular.

  • We stand for the results of our planning and take responsibility for costs, deadlines and quality.

Production planning – optimised manufacturing plants for the factory of the future

Our many years of experience in the integrated development and planning of customised production systems and factories for high-quality industrial products make us your strong partner. Our specific focus here is on the efficient design of production processes. By way of small adjustments in product design, for example, we open up great potential in the planning of manufacturing plants.

We use cutting-edge planning methods and tools to support small and medium-sized companies in all sectors of industry that do not have their own planning departments, as well as colleagues in large organisations. This applies to both factory and production planning in the form of new, conversion or expansion planning and to the optimisation of existing systems in day-to-day operation.

General planning – we take full responsibility for your projects

Implementing a complex planning project requires a great deal of experience and detailed knowledge. On request, we assume total responsibility for general planning right through to implementation.

    • Consistency: We manage the complete project from A to Z.
    • Product validation: We check the projects for product feasibility and optimise production costs.
    • Permit planning: We take care of all necessary permits and certificates
    • Assumption of responsibility: As "One Face to the Customer", we act as the client's representative and undertake site management.

Process validation – finding and fixing all weak points before implementation

Production downtime gives rise to high costs. No organisation that sets up or optimises a new production facility can afford downtime. Process validation ensures security early on in the planning phase through our methods and techniques from the "digital factory": thanks to a high level of engineering sophistication.

Dirk Keller

Geschäftsführer EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG




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