Innovative two-wheel developments

As your engineering partner, we cover the entire spectrum, from preliminary motorcycle development through to series development and production support.  Apart from carrying out development tasks (concept development, design, simulation, function development, testing), we also manufacture prototype parts and vehicles, which we can subsequently validate using our test equipment. 

With a high development quality in currently more than 100 projects, we are well established in the motorcycle service market. In addition, we have already very successfully serialised several projects as general developer.


Performances for the motorcycle development

  • In Development/Design, we make sure that components, assemblies, modules, and even complete vehicles are created in accordance with customers' expectations. For this purpose, we use all standard programs and development methods.

  • We ensure that conclusive motorcycle concepts are created, and we then apply our innovative strength and method skills to realise them. We generate farsighted, unusual and extraordinary solutions. These are characterised by a well-developed feeling for material, technical and technological trends, market relevance and future consumer and customer requirements.

  • Whether we use virtual or physical methods, components or complete vehicles, test systems or material testing in our own accredited test laboratory - we can come up with the right solution, and give you early, conclusive and validated feedback from real-life scenarios.

    Virtual validation – CAE

    We optimise your vehicle with the aim of achieving optimum performance and minimum weight with regard to the following attributes:

    • Stiffness, stability and misuse
    • Vibration and acoustics
    • Operational strength and fatigue resistance
    • Vehicle dynamics
    • Vehicle safety
    • Structure design regarding crashworthiness
    • Flow simulations (e.g. aerodynamics and water management)
  • With today's highly complex motorcycles, a great many processes are involved in the successful transition from development to series. Our team is involved in the following activities:

    • Quality management process
    • Approval process
    • Change process
  • Our test team plans, organises and carries out all types of testing. With a pool of highly professional test riders coupled with very experienced engineers using the latest measuring technology and test equipment, we carry out the following trials and tests for you:

    • Endurance testing / validation on race tracks and public roads
    • Chassis and geometrical testing
    • Coordination of traction and control systems
    • Performance tests
    • Tyre approval
    • Application of traction and control systems
  • Regardless of whether the customer requires a complete prototype or just one component, our prototype construction and low-volume engineering department can manufacture all motorcycle components in all standard manufacturing processes. Subsequently, we construct a complete vehicle from the individual components - for everything from a single test vehicle to a low-volume series - in our VPC (Vehicle Preparation Centre).

Future on two wheels: How EDAG and Baier Motors are transforming the motorcycle market in Africa

In a joint venture, the EDAG Group and Baier Motors GmbH are revolutionizing the African motorcycle market: together they are launching a motorcycle which is tailored to meet African requirements and redefines sustainability, robustness and innovative mobility. A project that not only supports local production and new jobs, but also offers a future-oriented mobility solution.

Press release

Insights into the project and working world of our Motorcycle Experts

Maximilian Neumeier

Director EDAG Motorcycles


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