Automotive cybersecurity

With the increasing networking, complexity and automation of vehicles, the risk of cyber attacks is also rising. The focus is on new functions such as wireless updates of vehicle electronics, especially with regard to the exchange of data between the vehicle and its environment. 
Cybersecurity is therefore becoming a core requirement for vehicles and their components and is at the centre of development for EDAG. Legislators have also reacted to the growing threat of cyber attacks.  With regulations and standards in accordance with the UNECE and ISO 21434, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers and other contractual partners are being held to account.

As the world's largest independent engineering partner, EDAG supports customers throughout the entire development process. We know all the dangers and measures to protect vehicles with regard to cyber threats. With this know-how and our high level of implementation expertise, both operationally and on the process side, we make your vehicle maximally resistant - over its entire service life. 

End-to-End Protection   Cybersecurity Management System

Security across the entire life cycle of vehicles and components

Automotive cybersecurity end-to-end protection

Are you planning to launch a new vehicle on the market? EDAG is your engineering partner for complete vehicle development - worldwide.  We know the approval requirements in the respective markets, take care of agreements with the authorities and ensure the highest cybersecurity during development.  Taking into account the UNECE specifications, which are also relevant for homologation, we ensure maximum cybersecurity over the entire service life of your vehicle (end-to-end protection).

Maximum cybersecurity for electrical and electronic components

Are you looking for a component supplier?  Then EDAG is also your partner. Every part that we supply to you is developed, produced and tested in accordance with standards. We guarantee the highest cybersecurity of the supplied components and help you to secure your vehicle to the maximum.  

Effective Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS)

Would you like to know whether your vehicle, the vehicle functions, the back-end systems and the surrounding communication infrastructure are sufficiently protected?  Our experts can advise you on the implementation of an effective CSMS that closes entry gates for hackers and ensures compliance with the highest security standards.  

For successful protection, cybersecurity must be integrated into your existing corporate guidelines, the organisational structure and business processes must be adapted to this and these must be continuously optimised. Another decisive factor for success is the maximum transparency of the process and the close exchange between the customer/partner and EDAG. 

Dr. Jochen Hagel

Senior Vice President

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