Modular kit for electric vehicles

The electrification of vehicles and the simultaneous increase in numbers of vehicle derivatives have brought about a dramatic increase in the cost and the time it takes to develop cars - and consequently in acquisition costs, too. On behalf of the mobility startup Canoo (California), a 50-strong team of experts from the USA, Brazil, Germany and Poland has worked out a method for creating customised electric vehicles with low development costs.

The basis of the e-vehicle is a scalable skateboard with scalable wheelbases that can be flexibly adapted to fit a particular vehicle type. The skateboard is equipped with 20” wheels, drive-by-wire technology and a battery housing integrated directly into the platform to save space. The podlike microbus is designed to support multiple tophats – including a commuter vehicle, a delivery vehicle and a passenger vehicle.

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Dr. Jan Leilich

Head of Innovations