Integrated battery housing: electrification of existing body-on-frame vehicles

North American pick-ups and full-size SUVs are based on body-on-frame platform concepts. Here, too, tighter emission control legislation will be accelerating electrification.

This is where a development of the EDAG Group's branch in Troy (USA) comes in: a battery housing which OEMs can use to electrify vehicles based on the existing vehicle structure. The dimension and power density of the battery housing itself are scalable, so it can be flexibly adapted to the requirements and size of the vehicle it is being fitted in.

The steel housing is integrated into the vehicle frame in such a way that it provides both optimal protection for the battery and functional support for the vehicle structure. The resulting elimination of cross struts in the frame contributes to a significant reduction in weight. 

For cost-efficient production, the concept has a modular design. Bearing in mind the targeted vehicle category and the volumes behind it, optimal unit costs and investments are crucial for product profitability.

Dr. Jan Leilich

Head of Innovations