SCALEbat: scalable battery housing for flexible electric vehicle platforms

The scalable battery housing SCALEbat helps car manufacturers and startup companies to develop flexible electric vehicle platforms. As the basis for the development of this concept, the EDAG Group took the scalable floor assembly already being successfully marketed under the brand name SCALEbase.

Its scalability is not the only outstanding characteristic of SCALEbase; it is also an ideal means for the structural integration of various battery systems. Car manufacturers and startups can define and roughly design the various power levels for the eDrive and battery module with us – depending on local preferences and the size of the vehicle. The crash requirements in various markets were taken into account during development. The intensive use of steel roll-formed profiles for the frame structure of the battery housing results in enormous saving potential, especially where large quantities are involved. 

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Dr. Jan Leilich

Head of Innovations