Cooperation between the EDAG Group and Baier Motors GmbH: Jointly developed motorcycle for the African target market

EDAG Group and Baier Motors develop motorcycle concept for the African market whose product features meet the special requirements.

The EDAG Group, globally leading, independent engineering service provider and Baier Motors GmbH have developed a motorcycle concept for the market in Africa, which, unlike the mid-range products already available there, meets all customer requirements when it comes to robustness, reliability and product features. The next stage of the project will be to finalize the concept development of the new model and put the prototype into series production. Baier Motors is also looking for further investors.

In the current project, Baier Motors from Schleswig-Holstein has enlisted the support of a team of experts. The cooperation with the EDAG Group began in 2022, during the initial planning stage. Working on the basis of the previously defined requirements, concepts for the new motorcycle and the production plant were jointly developed. The two partners then built a mobile prototype with an electric powertrain. Final assembly of the top quality components is to be carried out at various sites in Africa in the future. The first models of the motorcycle should be available to customers in two years – with the option of either a combustion engine or an electric powertrain. Philipp Berchtenbreiter, one of the EDAG Group's motorcycle project leaders, explains the special features of the project: "Using the Oryx concept, we have built a fully functioning motorcycle by means of which it is already possible to experience what Baier Motors GmbH will be bringing to the market in two years' time. The concept bike provides a foretaste of the wide range of other vehicles that can be generated from the modular system. This modularity will enable Baier Motors GmbH to react flexibly to changes in the market."

Optimum solution for individual mobility and greater sustainability

There is a huge demand for individual mobility in Africa, and for many people, having a motorcycle is the ideal way to transport people and goods. Baier Motors will be marketing its new motorcycle in the future to meet precisely this demand. It has a significantly higher payload than its competitors and also offers impressive robustness, reliability and sustainability. As it is based on a long-lasting, robust design in combination with a local supply chain and production, its environmental impact is minimized. With its favourable starting price in line with market requirements, the motorcycle will also be an affordable option for customers. In addition, its first-class design will make it stand out.

Modern sales structure without stores of its own

Baier Motors will not be selling its new motorcycle itself, but through independent local dealers. The idea of entrusting sales to experts in Africa also secures and creates jobs there. For Baier Motors, this is a matter of great importance. The first pre-contract relating to this has already been concluded, others are currently being negotiated.

"We are delighted about this cooperation. In this project, we were looking for a partner with experience, technical expertise and reliability - and have found these requirements to be met in full by the EDAG Group," explains Torben Baier, Managing Director and founder of Baier Motors GmbH. "We are now planning the next steps we need to take to access the large market for our new motorcycle that exists in Africa. In this context, we are currently looking for additional investors who share our vision, to enable us to take the next steps."

Further information can be found here: EDAG Group & Baier Motors – Baierkraft Bike (youtube.com)