LaneCharge: Semi-dynamic inductive charging system

Inductive vehicle charging during idle periods

The current ratio of electrically powered vehicles in car pools is unsatisfactory. There are are numerous causes underlying this situation, but frequent reasons are higher acquisition costs, longer amortisation periods, and also the disconcerting variety of payment systems and a scarcity of charging points. In addition, the handling of the charging cable is seen as a loss of comfort compared to simply driving off or parking the vehicle after a journey.

For this reason, we have developed a concept for an interoperable overall system for semi-dynamic loading in cooperation with the Hanover University of Applied Sciences, the Technical University of Braunschweig and Sumida Components & Modules. In this context, we have designed an innovative battery charging power electronics system for the semi-dynamic transfer of the charging power to the primary coils. As the project progresses, we and our partners will be researching various primary coil designs at different performance levels, with the aim of achieving high interoperability. To this end, we will be integrating the selected coil designs and the partners' communication and control modules into a complete system, and installing the secondary coil in demonstrator vehicles for real operation. The project results were presented to the public for the first time at the official closing event on the grounds of Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Here, up to 12 induction coils can be charged wirelessly on a test track of over 90 meters.

EDAG Group's innovative circuitry permits what is technically an extremely simple and therefore cost-effective means of implementing the primary coil in the road. This is a significant contribution particularly towards surmounting the obstacles surrounding the mass enhancement of inner-city streets by introducing inductive charging facilities (at taxi stands, bus stops, queuing areas at intersections, parking bays). In turn, a rapidly growing infrastructure for inductive charging will stimulate not only competition for its use but also the rapid penetration of the fleet with electric vehicles. This will help to reduce local emissions in cities and the increase the attractiveness of electric vehicles.

LaneCharge successfully combines the option of inductive charging for the vehicle in the form of a retrofit solution with minimal intervention in the existing vehicle architecture. The next logical step is complete integration in the vehicle, which will allow some of the circuit parts in the retrofit solution to be eliminated.

Our innovative charging power electronics can also be used for stationary charging. Its full potential, however, is realised in a fully dynamic application: the exceptional interoperability of the roadside charging technology with the wide variety of secondary coil designs in the vehicle does away with any anxiety concerning range, even with smaller car batteries. EDAG's innovation offers great potential for the application of this technology, particularly in intralogistics

The LaneCharge project is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) within the scope of the "Electromobility" Funding Directive

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Jörg Hölig

Project Manager