EE architecture: Future according to plan

Piloted driving, automatic parking, vehicle connection to Internet or electromobility – we integrate associated partial solutions into the entire vehicle architecture.

Connectivity, mobility services, autonomous driving and e-mobility highlight the latest trends in the automotive sector. Guidelines for integrating corresponding features into the future EE architecture are setting EEA database standards. You determine our agenda at:

  • Time sensitive networks
  • E/E architecture
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Measurement solutions
  • IOT-integration

We use PREEvision Database to describe more than 900 EE features and model solutions for vehicles. These can range from the Vizorlight to the autopilot. In addition to description and classification, we record legal and homologation requirements in Europe, America and Asia. In the concept phase, we also use this data to derive the Vehicle Technical Specification (VTS) for our customers. Global access to the database gives us consistent modelling around the world.

The result is a new service-oriented architecture. With our SOA concept “Vision 2025”, we are able to provide OEM and start-up customers with relevant advantages such as these:

  • Weight reduction up to 30%
  • Massive gains in bandwidth
  • Reduction of coaxial and LVDS cables
  • Smaller number of required wiring harness variants
  • Intelligent “thinking” fuses

Your direct contact: Gerhard Becker

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