Competence Center



  • Artificial intelligence in production and solutions
  • Virtual and augmented reality, e.g. for development, demonstrations, training
  • Digital services - manifold IT services
  • Digital solutions for vehicle architecture

Dr. Jan Leilich

Head of Innovations & Head of the Competence Center for Digitalisation

"In the digital transformation I see the key for all, in some cases disruptive, changes in the automotive maket that are being driven by the current megatrends, autonomous driving, eMobility, mobility services and connectivity! EDAG is ready to take on this challenge and to master it."

Sustainable vehicle development

  • Development methods
  • Materials and processing technologies
  • New vehicle concepts and life cycle analysis


Dr. Stefan Caba

Head of Competence Center for Sustainable vehicle development 

"The vehicle is increasingly being considered over the entire product life cycle. Using the latest engineering tools, we design lightweight, recycling-friendly and therefore sustainable vehicles from new materials."

Safe mobility

  • Vehicle safety
  • Driver assistance and automated driving
  • Human-machine interface

Jörg Hölig

Head of the Competence Center for Safe Mobility

"Mobility offerings must be safe and comfortable. This increasingly requires interdisciplinary and intermodal cooperation. Solutions that are really comprehensive are only feasible with a holistic mobility system in mind."

Drive and storage technologies

  • Drive systems for electric and fuel cell vehicles
  • Battery and hydrogen storage
  • System integration

Dr. Andreas Viehmann

Head of Competence Center Drive and Storage Technologies

"Electric and fuel cell vehicles are paving the way for tomorrow's sustainable mobility. With innovative drive and storage technologies for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, we are driving forward the energy transition in transportation."


Dr. Jan Leilich

Head of Innovations

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