Lightweight design using ultra strong screws

Ultra high strength screws can significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle  

Joining technology in vehicle assembly is often only considered in passing, although there is certainly great potential here for improving energy efficiency. On behalf of KAMAX, we have investigated several applications in which lightweight construction is economically possible thanks to ultra high strength screws and a high level of functional integration is also achieved.

The ultra high strength KXtreme from KAMAX has a bainitic microstructure as a significant difference to screws according to DIN ISO 898-1. They are capable of generating a higher clamping force with the same or smaller cross section. The same function can then be achieved with smaller screw diameters and / or fewer fasteners.

Replacing conventional fasteners with ultra high strength screws alone reduces the weight of the wheel carrier by 275 g. The secondary effects resulting from the changed boundary conditions for structural optimisation are even greater: here, a further 400g can be saved. Besides the pure lightweight construction, other positive effects can also be achieved, as the weight is saved in unsuspended and partly additionally rotating mass.

A comparison of the additional expenses, the materials saved and the installation costs shows that the procedure is very cost-effective. The declared goal is now to bring the construction method to series development. The first step in this process requires concrete potential analyses on the OEM's target vehicle in joint cooperation.

Are you also looking for potential for weight reduction in the next generation of vehicles? Stefan Caba looks forward to hearing from you.

Further information on KXtreme can be found on the KAMAX website.



Dr. Jan Leilich

Head of Innovations