H2Hybat: Hybrid storage system for hydrogen and batteries

Flexible system allows free choice of energy source

Due to the many long stops still needed for charging, 100% battery electric vehicles are not yet really convenient for long distances. With hydrogen, fuel stops can be kept very short – having said that, though, today's hydrogen-fuelled vehicles are still based on combustion engine platforms.

H2Hybat combines the advantages of the two systems. To do this, battery modules and hydrogen tanks have been fitted in the EDAG ScaleBase scalable electric platform. The battery modules and hydrogen tanks used are interchangeable, as they have exactly the same dimensions. As a result, the H2Hybat gives vehicle manufacturers the flexibility to use the body platform for any car ranging from a 100% battery vehicle to a 100% hydrogen vehicle. The hybrid car offers car owners the possibility to charge the vehicle at home and quickly top up the hydrogen tank on the road. 

The interchangeability also makes it easier for modules to be transferred to further applications - e.g. in other vehicles or stationary storage units - after the initial vehicle life. So this is also a contribution to resource efficiency.

The focus during its development was not just on flexibility and sustainability, but also on vehicle and passenger safety in crash situations. Thanks to a new safety concept, the hydrogen tanks are ideally protected. Both the tanks and the safety valves were developed by our partner Hexagon Purus.

The H2Hybat platform can be used for almost all vehicle types, and adapted for any OEM by EDAG.

Are you looking for an innovative solution in the fields of either hydrogen or eMobility? Our colleague Richard Kordass looks forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Jan Leilich

Head of Innovations