In technically oriented companies, the problem of the shortage of skilled labour is omnipresent. But engineering companies like EDAG are desperately searching not only for skilled labour, but also managerial staff. Apart from technical expertise, managerial qualities are what companies are looking for.

With its new mentoring programme for the development and advancement of management trainees, the Wiesbaden-based engineering specialists are putting their money on potential within their own ranks. The 21st June, 2016 will mark the start of a 24-month programme for 30 ambitious junior staff. The aim of the programme is to qualify them for managerial positions in automotive or production plant development. 

"At the heart of our new junior staff development module is the mentor principle. Each of our 30 participants will be allotted an experienced mentor, who will provide an in-depth, on the job introduction to managerial tasks and solution strategies," explains Harald Poeschke, COO of EDAG Engineering GmbH. To accompany the programme, there will also be a training package which will include the fields of communication, assumption of responsibility and self-management.

"We are especially pleased to note the large number of female employees who applied for a place on the first round of the mentoring programme. It is an open secret that we would like to significantly increase the number of women in technical and managerial positions at EDAG. The type of systematic advancement offered by our mentoring programme will be very helpful here," concludes Alexandra Dantmann, EDAG Head of HR.

In addition to our excellent nationwide apprentice and trainee quota of over 8 percent (as of 31.5.2016) and extensive range of training opportunities, the EDAG mentoring programme is another pillar of our junior staff development and advancement.