The Best of Hesse: EDAG Group and EintrachtTech Launch Partnership

Both parties are among the best in their fields, both are geared to the future: the EDAG Group, the world's largest independent engineering service provider in the mobility industry, and EintrachtTech, the independent digital subsidiary of Eintracht Frankfurt, this year's European League winners, announce their partnership. The two partners are joining forces to focus on an all-round approach to digitalization. This can also be seen from the "Campus FreeCity real lab for the research of a networked fleet of modular robot vehicles" project, which has recently been jointly implemented and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMDV).

"With the EDAG CityBot at the Campus FreeCity in the Deutsche Bank Park, the focus is not just on a revolutionary vehicle, but also on a complete ecosystem that the EDAG Group has developed for the mobility, transport and service tasks of a smart city," explains Holger Merz, CFO of the EDAG Group. EDAG CityBots are multi-functional, fully autonomous robot vehicles that move without emissions. Designed for a complete smart city ecosystem, this makes it the first and only mobility system to effectively counteract traffic gridlock. Thanks to their innovative and modular design, the EDAG CityBots can be used for a wide variety of different transport tasks - around the clock. EintrachtTech offers a unique digital center in the form of the "Arena of IoT" where this can be researched, and in which many different innovation partners and start-ups from Eintracht Frankfurt's network are brought together to create a "perfect playing field" on which the innovative strength of the partners involved can be made visible and tangible. "We are pleased that, through our work with EintrachtTech, the progress that has already been made with the research project will be advanced, and that we are now an official partner of the "Arena of IoT"," adds Holger Merz. Hesse will therefore become a real lab for the future of mobility - be this in Germany or internationally.

"The digitalization of all areas of life and work continues unabated. With this partnership, the EDAG Group and EintrachtTech want to make a sociopolitical contribution towards making our cities quieter, cleaner, more life enhancing and smarter in the future," explains EDAG Group CEO Cosimo De Carlo.

"Eintracht Frankfurt sees itself not just as a professional soccer club. Through EintrachtTech, it also takes an active role as a driver of the region in the field of digitalization," stresses Timm Jäger, CEO of EintrachtTech GmbH. The stadium is an ideal place to test "IoT" solutions in cooperation with technology partners like the EDAG Group, and to offer innovative projects a realistic test environment. With its digital center, Eintracht Frankfurt is actively strengthening the Frankfurt Rhine-Main digital location.

As Holger Merz sees it, there is "great potential" in this cooperation: "We experience EintrachtTech as an innovative and motivated technology pioneer, and are very much looking forward to this intensive and in many respects trendsetting partnership. This is the best of Hesse.

Image: EDAG Group and EintrachtTech announce their partnership