EDAG Group wins the ABC Award 2021 as “Best of Best” in the “Smart & Digital” category for the “EDAG CityBot” mobility concept

Solutions and answers for the mobile future are already in existence today: developments and designs that successfully combine convenience, environmental protection and consumer behaviour of the mobility user. As the leading mobility award, the ABC Award distinguishes these forward-thinking and future-oriented concepts and products in a unique way. This year, the EDAG Group was acclaimed as “Best of Best” in the “Smart & Digital” category for the outstanding product and communication design of its mobility concept, the “EDAG CityBot”.

"EDAG CityBot" - A game changer for the city of the future

The increasing digitalisation of our world will soon make autonomous driving on our roads a reality. We are on the threshold of a fundamental revolution in all fields of mobility, and this provides us with a great opportunity to effectively combat any acute or impending gridlock and the resulting environmental pollution. Motivated by this principle, the EDAG Group has developed a mobility system with swarm intelligence, which is manifested in the form of the "CityBot" concept car: A networked, electrically powered robotic vehicle which, with its numerous trailer and rucksack modules, is capable of handling any transport and work situations in urban areas, and is also in motion 24/7. As a result, the "EDAG CityBot" is much more than just another design study: it is a game changer and a mobility system with its own ecosystem. The "EDAG CityBot" is aimed specifically at all entities enabling or providing mobility in the new ecosystem: OEMs, city planners, infrastructure organisations, traffic, waste disposal and transport companies, municipal facilities as well as logistics specialists.

The EDAG Group is continuously developing the CityBot mobility concept. Following the presentation of the drivable prototype in October 2020, the development for the first practical application in a living laboratory will begin this year in the German Federal State of Hesse.

"Our mobility concept "EDAG CityBot" symbolises our company's agile ongoing development towards becoming a global player for the urban mobility of the future”, asserts Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group. "EDAG is making an intelligent statement on sustainable, holistic mobility, traffic planning, ground-breaking city development and new business cases."