EDAG Engineering Group AG: With trive.me, EDAG is awarded software devel-opment order by RIO

Launched in 2016, the startup provides the automotive industry with innovation management solutions, as well as with software development products and services. The digitalization of business pro-cesses and products is the accelerator for the new business model within the EDAG Group.

trive.me has now also convinced "RIO" of its competencies. RIO is the digital brand of Volkswagen Truck & Bus (soon to be TRATON GROUP), and the first manufacturer-independent, cloud-based platform used for the global transport of goods. Within the context of this new order, trive.me will be working on the further development of the cloud-assisted plat-form and related devices. Experts in front end and back end development, cloud computing and big data will be employed on this project. Securing "over-the-air" update functions is a further important element of this project.

We are delighted to be able to implement this important project in cooperation with RIO," ex-plained Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group. "The EDAG Group is continually extend-ing its range of digitalization services, in this way establishing its position as a creator of the new world of mobility. The growing number of high profile digitalization orders shows that we are setting the right priorities and that our team supplies first-class results."