EDAG Engineering Group AG: EDAG supports BYTON in the development of the „Next-Generation smart device“

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The vehicle will be a completely new electric car with extensive functionali-ties in automated and autonomous driving. With integrated functions for all aspects of the "mobility" ecosystem, the vehicle becomes the „Next-Generation smart device“.

In this future-oriented project, EDAG is contributing a wide range of development scope in vehicle engineering. In addition to the interior- and exterior design, EDAG is particularly in-volved in the development of a high-tech lightweight body. This is specially designed for the requirements of an ultramodern electric vehicle with a long range. Beyond the technical chal-lenges, the flexibility and spatial cooperation of the developers also play a decisive role. A mul-tinational team at sites in China, Europa and the USA is pushing the project forward and im-plementing it in parallel.

„We are pleased to successfully implement this challenging project together with our custom-er“, says Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group. „Particularly exciting is that we can bring our expertise as an international development service provider in almost its entire range. We combine our skills in classical engineering with our knowledge in lightweight construction and e-mobility. EDAG thus acts as a globally networked and innovative partner of the new mobility world."