Economical lightweight door for commercial vehicles

Validated prototype of a truck door for the next generation of commercial vehicles: 20% weight reduction, maximised field of vision, optimised aerodynamics, at no extra cost!

In the commercial vehicle segment, increased requirements in terms of road safety, aerodynamics, load case requirements, payload and economy are pushing existing truck door designs to their limits. New concepts are needed, but in the commercial vehicle industry must always be implemented in such a way that no additional costs are incurred.

In cooperation with Fischer Hydroforming and Muhr Metalltechnik, we have constructed and validated the prototype for a future-proof truck door. By using cross-section-minimised hydroformed (HF) profiles for the steel door frame, a thin-walled outer skin, a patented hinge connection concept with a tolerance-compensating, continuously adjustable clamping sleeve and flush design using frame-under-glass, the properties have been significantly improved.

The hydroformed door frame has made it possible to create an A-pillar with an optimised viewing angle, providing maximum visibility for the driver, to ensure that pedestrians and cyclists can be seen more easily, and serious accidents significantly reduced.

Selected tests were carried out on the WiLeitNu prototype under series conditions to establish the suitability of the concept, so WiLeitNu should be transferable to all manufacturers' cabs.

The project was backed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), and supervised by TÜV Rheinland, the project sponsor. The WiLeitNu project won the German Innovation Award in 2020.


Who to contact:

Franz Lorey

Dr. Jan Leilich

Head of Innovations