Thanks to its different modules and networking, it is versatile. For example, it receives information about which rubbish bin needs to be emptied, drives there autonomously and completes this task itself. The CityBots are networked with each other, so that they know, for example, where which event is over and so some of them swarm to the corresponding location to bring visitors home. They do not pose a safety risk in the city centre. The use of artificial intelligence enables it to register a person's facial expressions and draw conclusions as to how that person will behave, and act accordingly, instead of simply reacting.

The areas of application for the CityBot are limitless. Barcelona is one of our cooperation partners and a pioneer in the development of new mobility ideas and concepts. So it is quite conceivable that you might soon come across a CityBot with an integrated transport or work system there, cutting the grass, sweeping the road or even, in the form of a passenger cell, driving you  to the next hotspot in this metropolis.

See-understand-interact: the EDAG CityBot is an innovative platform that combined various AI models and architectures. Our AI experts are developing intelligent software for the various functions.

The areas our teams focus on include neural networks in the fields of computer vision, text and speech processing, path planning, swarm intelligence and maintenance.

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Andreas Vögerl

Head of Software & Digitalisation