Agile Sprints

In this approach, we simply put the cart before the horse. Consequently, we focused first on the process and then on the software, not the other way around as is usually the case.

We developed and programmed the software in sprints using agile working methods and the Scrum process.

In addition to Scrum, an important requirement for the successful development of the software was the use of the cloud-native microservices architecture. To round off our concept, we made use of a Kubernetes cluster, a network of computers for containerized applications.

After just 14 weeks, we were able to present the "proof of concept", i.e. a prototype, to the Continental management. With the software, the aim was to develop a production-ready standard for all Continental Automotive plants. On the basis of certain predefined general conditions such as hardware, space requirements, peripheral equipment, etc., the software works across various plants. The basis of all further applications will be the EDAG prototype for intelligent, flexible and fully automated sorting of components using industrial robots, based on state-of-the-art IIoT architectures.

Andreas Vögerl

Head of Software & Digitalisation