3D-printed active coolant distributor

The 3D-printed active coolant distributor developed in cooperation with Siemens Digital Industries efficiently dissipates the heat generated during the rapid charging process and during load cycles.

Depending on the heat generated, the individual battery modules are actively controlled by an integrated valve controller via various cooling circuits, and cooled as required. With the help of CFD topology optimisation, pressure loss was reduced by 22 % compared to a conventional design method.  

The integration of the industrial HP Jet Fusion 5200 3D into Siemens' digital enterprise solutions makes it possible to produce this coolant distributor faster, more cost-effectively, more sustainably and in higher quantities than before. A factory concept based on the scale of up to 300,000 units of such components p.a. demonstrates the economical feasibility of the commercial use of 3D-printed components in series production.

The first equipment the coolant distributor was installed in was the SCALEbat battery housing.

Dr. Jan Leilich

Head of Innovations