Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionary algorithms for new solutions

On the basis of big data and AI architectures optimised to suit your application, we train revolutionary algorithms for you. The foundation for this is our high-performance AI infrastructure. Throughout, you benefit from the expertise of our interdisciplinary team composed of mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists. The experience they have acquired in numerous customer and in-house innovation projects and state-funded projects enables them to solve any AI question.


Are you interested in taking a first step in the field of AI? Or do you have sensitive data? We offer on-site consulting with selected AI experts from our team.

    • Testing and identifying AI applications in your company
    • Working out an overview and list of potentials
    • Practical first implementation of prototype AI applications
    • Generating knowledge in your company from our AI experience

Data Engineering

The basis of the successful implementation of AI methods is data - its quantity, quality and variance. Our experts will help you with the extraction of data from your environment, and with augmentation.

    • Analysis and assessment
    • Automation tooling
    • Data generation
    • Data preparation
    • Generalisation
    • Augmentation
    • Cleansing
    • Adaptation to model
    • Machine readability

Architecture Engineering

A high-performance AI solution is customer-specific implementation. We develop individual state-of-the-art network architectures based on your requirements.

    • Definition of a network architecture
    • Adaptation of the model to the data file
    • Enlargement of the basic architecture
    • Implementation of problem-related / individual custom layers

Net Engineering

At a very early stage, we turned our attention to the optimisation, compression and porting of AI architectures to specific hardware platforms, and developed an efficient method. We use this approach in your projects,  to offer you a resource-saving AI solution.

    • Hyperparameters
    • Duration
    • Memory
    • Performance
    • Weight Sharing
    • Pruning
    • Low Rank Matrix & Tensor Decomposition
    • Knowledge Distillation
    • Quantization
    • Embedded
    • Real time capability
    • GPU platforms

Jacek Burger

Head of Department




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