Comfort & Body Systems

Priority for comfort and passive safety

With our comfort & body systems program, we can assist you in the development of classic interior electronics: from vehicle electrical systems and comfort control units to systems for passive safety inside the vehicle. We follow a top-down approach here, and define the functional contents at the beginning. We also check what legal and environmental requirements need to be taken into account. Development is carried out using AUTOSAR standards and in accordance with valid functional safety, cyber security and automotive SPICE processes. 

We will support you from the definition of requirements, through complete hardware and software development, process consulting to functional and geometrical integration. Depending on the project, our development is based on the classic V-model or Agil. Our portfolio also includes the design of functional models and the appropriate tests and validation processes/methods: 

  • At component, system, and vehicle level
  • Including test specification, test case creation, test evaluation and tool-based error documentation and tracking 

In addition, we can also take over the entire supplier management for you within the scope of E/E total vehicle development projects.

Partner in the entire development process

Controlling comfort

Vehicle electrical system control units include, for instance, body controllers or steering column switch modules. The comfort control units include seat, roof, window or door ECUs as well as LED technology-based ambience/interior lighting control units. The goal is to create an optimal comfort experience for the end customer.

Operating with concept

Well-engineered ambience/interior lighting concepts based on customer and developer experience contribute to this, as does maximum ease of operation when opening, closing, starting and driving the vehicle. The process always includes a comprehensive, forward-looking and safety-optimised functional architecture. As the number of body/comfort/air conditioning and passive safety features is constantly increasing, an ever increasing number of intelligent operating and display concepts are also comfort-relevant.

Safety that is always on board

Airbag control units and eCall-based emergency call systems contribute to passive safety in vehicles. To these are added:

  • Active headrests
  • Seat belt fastened sensors with audible and visual warnings
  • Automatic hazard lights activation, and
  • Automatic door release in the event of a crash

The entire skill set

EDAG is your partner in the entire development process (V-model, Agil). Together, we make sure that the user fails to even notice the complexity behind his comfort. He just realises that everything works. Always.

Developments for enhanced driving experience and safety

Part of the overall concept of the mobility of tomorrow

Our aim is to integrate the interior and body electronics architecture and associated comfort and safety standards and in the networked overall concept of the mobility of tomorrow. 
We are a strong engineering partner to our customers, and a forward thinker in the design and further development of vehicle body and comfort functions. Our great strength lies in our ability always to see both vehicles and the driving experience in their entirety, and keep them progressing. 

Barbara Goldstein

Portfolio Manager




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