EDscene – automated validation tests for ADAS vehicle environment sensors

Automation enables test series to be determined with significantly greater accuracy and improved efficiency

As assistance and automated driving functions become more and more effective, the demands placed on driver assistance sensors, and therefore on the accuracy and reliability of sensor tests, are constantly increasing - and at the same time, the test volume is also growing rapidly.

With EDscene, a portable solution consisting of both hardware and software modules has been developed. The first upgrade stage, which is already in productive use, carries out the automated validation of the ultrasonic parking aid on motor vehicles.

After initial calibration of the setup, a complete, automated programme of obstacle-to- vehicle approaches is carried out. The carrier robot continuously corrects its own trajectory, and can easily be fitted with other test bodies for the next test series. The measured values are continuously recorded throughout the automated test sequence. On completion of the test cycle, a standard evaluation is automatically generated for the test personnel. This means that one employee can supervise several vehicle tests simultaneously. As the standard evaluation is available immediately, the test personnel can search for root causes of any anomalies as soon as a test series has been completed.

Users benefit from significantly improved accuracy: while 95% of the automatically retracted positions have a tight positioning tolerance of less than ±10 mm, this tolerance amounts to ±24 mm for manual measurements. At the same time, EDscene reduces the time required per test series by a third, and halves personnel requirements.

There are already plans to further develop the EDscene for camera, lidar and radar sensors. Customer-specific test procedures can also be defined and implemented.

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Dr. Jan Leilich

Head of Innovations