Zero Prototype Lab: EDAG Group opens simulator center

Driving and testing vehicles virtually before building them.

(C) VI-grade
(C) VI-grade

The EDAG Group is venturing into new dimensions of vehicle development in Wolfsburg: in the new EDAG Zero Prototype Lab, the Group's first vehicle dynamics simulation center, vehicles, their functions and their driving dynamics are comprehensively tested in realistic driving situations before the physical vehicle is created. A groundbreaking, innovative simulation technology makes this possible. 

The center for driving dynamics simulation is unique in Europe and will start operations in Wolfsburg in May 2024. It will have three test platforms for research and development in the areas of hardware, software and human machine interface (HMI).

Driving a new vehicle virtually and testing its functions before it is physically built will not only reduce cost-intensive prototypes but also shorten development cycles. The new EDAG Engineering GmbH vehicle dynamics simulation center in Wolfsburg will allow this type of vehicle development in the future. "The transformation of the automotive industry is progressing. In order to support technology developers and OEMs on their way to faster, more sustainable and more precise development, we have revolutionized the product development process," says Harald Keller, COO of EDAG Engineering GmbH. "The EDAG Zero Prototype Lab is the first vehicle dynamics simulation center of its kind - and it is open to all market participants. We are thus opening a whole new chapter in automotive technology development for our customers." 

For this chapter, the EDAG Group relies on state of the art technology. The Zero Prototype Lab is home to the Dynamic Simulator DiM500 from the company VI-grade, which is the largest and most powerful cable-driven simulator for development, racing and research focusing on vehicle dynamics, vehicle movement and driver interaction. The DiM500 driving simulator enables to reproduce vehicle dynamics maneuvers involving large planar displacements with no motion cueing, which allows drivers to immerse themselves in a virtual environment and experience realistic driving.

"This includes even complex driving maneuvers, such as a double lane change. Forces and momentum from a wide variety of driving situations are transmitted to the cockpit in real time," emphasizes Guido Bairati, Managing Director at VI-grade. All scenarios tested with the virtual prototypes are documented in the connected data center and thus made available for data analysis and the next development steps.

"This eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly testing of prototypes in the early development phases of the product creation process. Complex test tracks and the associated risks, such as failure or delays due to unpredictable environmental and weather conditions, are now a thing of the past," says Jonas Grötzinger, Senior Expert Vehicle Motion. “As a result, the 'time to market' will be significantly reduced." The EDAG Zero Prototype Lab will be open to all market participants starting in May 2024.

You can find further information on the EDAG Zero Prototype Lab here: EDAG Zero Prototype Lab | EDAG Group