The industry has been giving special attention to the Automobile Electronics Congress in Ludwigsburg this year. The Congress is regarded as Germany's most important information platform for specialists working in the EE environment – one of the defining trend themes for the future development of the automobile. 

"Our industry is currently going through an unprecedented transformation process. The automobile's eco system is going to change permanently. And everyone in this hall today is a "transformer" in this change process," pointed out Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group, in his opening address.

The EDAG Group made a strong impact in Ludwigsburg with a presentation that spotlighted the company's competencies in the fields of eDrive & battery, connectivity & user experience, comfort & passive safety, autonomous drive & active safety, vehicle electrics/electronics and mobile services & apps.

One of the highlights was the Sensor Raw Data (SRD) fusion engine, presented by EDAG subsidiary BFFT. The software engine, which produces an accurate model of a vehicle's surroundings on the basis of user-defined ADAS sensors, caused a sensation among the visi-tors to the show. The innovative approach of BFFT's SRD fusion engine raises environment sensing in the field of autonomous driving to a new level. 

During the event, the EDAG Group announced that all EE activities currently being worked on in the EDAG Group and at the BFFT subsidiary are to be bundled in the future. "As a visible signal, we will be bringing together all relevant resources and skills in the major technological trends in the automotive electrics/electronics market, and establishing this as our third powerful pillar, in addition to vehicle and production plant development," announced Cosimo De Carlo when speaking at the event.