The two teams came together in true collaboration, summing up AGRALE’s extensive experience in military products together with EDAG’s German-based engineering and best practices in product development and process methods. This joint venture has generated amazing results whilst optimizing the value of this vehicle.

The Agrale’s Marruá Gen 2 keeps it’s recognized DNA of robustness and extreme off-road capability. The revamped models capable of passing through 80 cm high wetlands without a snorkel, showcase impressive approach and departure angles of 57 and 30 degrees, respectively, as well as a 60% climbing ability. In addition, all models have 90 degree opening doors, easing the ingress and egress of officers in emergency approaches.

The military version can be launched from an airplane by parachute or transported by helicopter by means of cable hoisting shackles in the bumpers. The Agrale Marruá Gen 2  with its revalorized robust appearance, imposes undeniable admiration and respect.  The new Agrale Marruá Gen 2, with its multitude of designs and uses,  truly sets a new standard in its vehicle class.

The AGRALE-EDAG development partnership, began with target definition, vehicle conception including project management, co-design and integration of component suppliers, as well as road-to-lab and  virtual validation. Furthermore CAD, CAE  and other modern state-of-art systems and methods were used. The partnership, for example, was able to achieve a lighter and, at the same time, more resistant product, enabling an increase of its cargo capacity to the equivalent of two additional soldiers. A new suspension tuning resulted in a significant improvement in the dynamic behavior of the vehicle, making it more pleasant for road and city traffic usage.

A huge achievement for the project was the parts and systems communization among all its 15 models, facilitating logistics handling, as well as production and assembly process, with significant gains in productivity for AGRALE Plants in the city of Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil.

The new Agrale Marruá Gen 2 is truly representative of EDAG´s commitment to develop strong partnerships and bring German-based design & process engineering and best practices to the market.