Next level automotive engineering: At stand No. 8172 at the automotive testing expo 2019, EDAG BFFT Electronics will be showing how the future will work. Held in Stuttgart, the world's largest fair for test and validation technologies and services for complete vehicles and components will be the centre of the world of automotive development from 21st to 23rd May. "We will be in Stuttgart, presenting our top themes for the future of the automobile and automotive production," promised Dr. Nico Hartmann, division manager at EDAG BFFT Electronics.

Raw data for autonomous driving

This includes, for example, the Sensor Raw Data (SRD) fusion engine, which analyses a rapidly increasing volume of radar, lidar and camera data, so as to observe the environment of a vehicle and make this data available to driver assistance systems. Two functions, grid map (3D) and object tracking, enable static and dynamic elements in the vehicle's environment to be detected. "A real pacesetter in the direction of autonomous driving," said Dr. Nico Hartmann. "Intelligent software solutions for protecting a vehicle's environment will in the future be used not only in the premium sector, but increasingly in the various other vehicle segments, too."

Automating test procedures

Another device to be presented by EDAG BFFT Electronics in Stuttgart is EDscene. This is a system suitable for use both in the laboratory and in mobile situations to aid and automate test procedures for the functional validation of driver assistance systems. "With EDscene, we are able to validate modern ADAS functions for all vehicle types," explains Dr. Nico Hartmann. "This also helps us to support the entire product development process – from early system development through to vehicle integration."

Further ground-breaking items are the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and User Experience (UX) products from EDAG BFFT. "At the testing expo, we will be presenting innovative solutions for show cars, technology carriers and prototype vehicles: from residual bus simulation, via gateway and routing functions to image processing and display control," announced the head of EDAG BFFT's electronics division.

Competitive edge through virtual testing

There is also news from the increasingly dynamic field of virtual testing. E/E specialists will be showing how it is possible to test real control units in a virtual test environment with variable driving scenarios. To this end, the driving scenarios with the associated variable data (vehicle, environment, traffic, roadway, etc.) are created in simulation software (VTD, RoD). This simulation data can then be used in a test

assembly for the functional validation of real control units.This type of virtual testing can contribute to cost reduction in the testing cycle, or provide initial results at a very early stage for future, more expensive test activities.

Making innovations experienceable

"At the testing expo, we will not just be presenting our ADAS innovations, but also making them experienceable and tangible," promised Dr. Nico Hartmann. To make this possible, there will be a laboratory vehicle and EDAG BFFT Electronics test equipment at stand No. 8172, and also the opportunity of a virtual guided tour. "We are concerned with the vehicle's entire electronics system. The testing expo, where the development community will be gathering, is the perfect platform for us to demonstrate what we can do and talk about it."

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Automotive Testing Expo (Stand-No.: 8182)