Comparison portals like Verivox und Co are a frequently used and common tool to choose a low-cost energy supplier for private customers. The web app "trive.energy" developed by "trive.me" - a brand of the development specialist EDAG Engineering GmbH - goes even one step further and should allow time-based, cost-effective daily energy purchasing from the respective energy provider. A first test version will soon be available to the public to present the concept and to make the product intuitive and easy to use for the consumer.

"For private customers, the clothes washers and tumble dryers are still the biggest electricity consumers in the household. The e-mobility brings for the customer another significant and time-dependent 'consumer'," explains Heiko Herchet, the Product Owner at trive.energy. "With our web app we want to give the customer the possibility to plan the required energy consumption in such a way that they can use the lowest price of their energy supplier. "trive.energy" is an intelligent electricity exchange for every day and everyone!”

The new concept has already attracted great interest of the electricity suppliers; after all, in view of the growing number of renewable energy sources such as wind energy, it is essential to sell the produced electricity efficiently 24 hours a day. Not only because of economic interests, but also to contribute to the sustainable use of resources.

Energy supplier "RhönEnergie Fulda" included the trive.me development at the end of February 2017 into its support programme for energy efficiency and renewable energy. The company promotes a total of nine projects with almost 200,000 euros.

Late last year, a jury of RhönEnergie Fulda proposed interesting projects and initiatives in the grid area. They all pursue the efficient use of energy and are, directly or indirectly, to the benefit of the general public.

"As a regional energy supplier with a country-wide focus we have been promoting future-oriented projects and solutions for years. In this way we want to give stimulus for more energy efficiency," says Martin Heun, spokesman of the Executive Board of RhönEnergie of Fulda. "The app from trive me fully meets the objectives of our programme. We are glad to contribute to promoting this innovative approach."

trive.energy provides a platform for the exchange of information on supply and demand with regard to energy volumes and their fluctuating prices. The mobile app, which can easily be used via smartphone, is supported by many platforms and is a "gateway" that allows the charging or consumption of energy - at a most affordable price.

"We have already tested the web app trive.energy for easy and intuitive use with test persons in a laboratory test at the Fulda University to further improve this application," says Franziska Barckmann, the Project Manager of the trive.me team. "Already today, the interested users can register at trive.energy for the free trial period, which will start in June.