REinvent Mobility. Fully digital and sustainable - on the way to the mobility of the future - the EDAG Group at the IZB 2018

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Now, more than ever before, the automobile is on the thresh-old of being reinvented. Alternative powertrains, digitalisation, autonomous driving and "Industrie 4.0" are the dominant fields that define the way forward to the vehicles and mobility of the future as a fully integrated concept.

The EDAG Group, the world’s largest independent engineering specialists, is respond-ing to the latest challenges and tasks by permanently expanding and readjusting its extensive vehicle, production plant and electrics/electronics development portfolio. At the IZB 2018 in Wolfsburg, the EDAG Group provides insight into its current range of services and presents its proactively developed solutions and concepts in the domi-nant future topics concerning the industry.

BIG DATA - data is the new currency - now also in the automotive industry
Today's vehicles are gigantic suppliers of information, and like an enormous swarm, they record a constant stream of data 24 hours a day. The many sensors and systems installed in them make this possible.

With this business model, EDAG demonstrates how the data collected by vehicles via their sensors any time, any place can, with the help of analysis tools, be processed in such a way that it can be marketed in the form of digital services. Enormous potential for the automotive industry that has not, as yet, been developed.

The concept vehicle EDAG Soulmate
Vehicle automation levels call for increasingly complex interaction with the input sys-tems that would otherwise need to be implemented using prototypes for usability tests. Here, EDAG can access standardised modules to technically implement just about any idea in functioning prototypes. And this applies to HMI displays, sensors, camera sys-tems and lighting scenarios.
The EDAG Soulmate, which is an impressive technological example of this, also shows how autonomous driving will change our lives as car drivers, and how time can be put to more efficient use than has previously been the case. The car can be trans-formed into an office with full data access, or into a room in which you can relax. The "EDAG Soulmate" also illustrates possibilities for interaction between the driver and his vehicle that are opened up by the use of the latest HMI features.

VR paint shop - EDAG presents the virtual painting trainer
EDAG Production Solutions / FEYNSINN's VR paint shop is sustainable and features the latest digital technology. This virtual training tool for paint shop employees uses a real paint gun, but the work is carried out in a virtual factory. Working without paint mist, fumes and dirty hands are some of the immediate positive effects. And as the process is resource-saving and not restricted to any particular location, the people us-ing the spraying booth can practise and paint to their hearts' content.
An integrated feedback system supplies notes and analyses on paint thickness, spray angle, paint coverage, consumption and speed. An integrated, smart gamification con-cept even makes it possible for aspiring paint shop employees to enter into challenges with each other.

In addition to this, the EDAG Group presented 13 further technical solutions relating to the main themes of digitalisation, future mobility and sustainability at this year's IZB, underlining the Group's potential as innovative, forward-thinking developers in the au-tomotive industry.

The EDAG Group's engineering team cordially invites trade visitors come along to Stand 1309 in Hall 1, and looks forward to some interesting interdisciplinary discus-sions there.

About EDAG
EDAG is an independent engineering service provider working for the global automotive industry. The company has a global network of some 60 branches at the world's major automobile centres to serve leading national and international vehicle manufacturers and technologically discerning automotive sup-pliers.

In addition, EDAG also offers engineering services in the vehicle engineering, electrics/electronics and production solutions segments. This extensive competence enables EDAG to provide its customers with all-round support, from the original idea to design, through to product development, prototype construc-tion and even turn-key production systems. As an innovative technological leader, the company also has competence centres for ground-breaking future technologies for the automotive industry: lightweight design, eMobility, car IT, integral safety and new production technologies.

In 2017, the company achieved a sales volume of € 717 million and an adjusted EBIT of € 32.6 million. On 31st December, 2017, EDAG employed a workforce of 8,404 (including apprentices) in 19 countries.

PR contact:
Public Relations

Christoph Horvath
Press Spokesman of the EDAG Group
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Mobile: +49 (0) 171- 8765 310
E-mail: pr@edag.de