New Engineering Hub for EDAG Munich

The world's largest independent engineering service provider EDAG opened its new location "Frankfurter Ring 77" in Munich during an international customer event. After a two-year building period, an innovative, attractive and networked building complex was officially opened on 8th September, offering around 600 engineers 9,000 square metres of space for interdisciplinary and flexible work. With this project, the EDAG Group has invested in the future of the company, but more than anything else in the needs of its workforce. High-ranking national and international customers attended the event and gained exclusive insights into the EDAG group's current innovations and mobility solutions and its future-oriented "New Work Concept".

"The transformation process in the automotive industry is in full swing. The mobile future will become more digital and more connected. This means that we as developers have to react faster and more agile to changes, emphasised Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group at the customer event. Holger Merz, CFO of the EDAG group adds: "With this motivation in mind, we have also created the appropriate spatial conditions for creative, interdisciplinary and flexible collaboration for our teams from vehicle development, production plant development, E/E and software & digitalisation. A "New Work" environment that is not only contemporary, but also increases the feel-good factor and motivation."

The new building has covered outdoor areas on three floors, common rooms, a spacious roof terrace and numerous meeting areas such as one- and two-person "think tanks" for spontaneous coordination or concentrated, creative work. What has emerged is a communicative and individual location with three inner courtyards to let plenty of daylight into the offices. There were very good reasons for the new design. To ensure that their plans would be geared as closely as possible to staff requirements, the EDAG Group started by asking the workforce about their wishes and needs and actively involved them in the final design.

The new engineering hub has enabled the EDAG Group, which had previously maintained nine separate branches in Munich, to bring together a large number of employees at one site. The concept of the new building is considered a beacon project for the international EDAG group.

With more than 1,000 employees, Munich is one of the world's largest locations in the EDAG Group. "Investment at the Munich location is a sign of the future-oriented development of the EDAG Group, and also a clear commitment to our location and employees in the Bavarian capital," explains Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group. Munich has become an important centre for new technologies and digitalisation, as the presence of many digital global players and start-up companies shows - which is why it is also an absolute "place to be" for us.

New Work Spaces at EDAG location Frankfurter Ring 77 in Munich