New Comfort and Safety Measures at the Logistics Depot

The KAMAG PT: Copyright KAMAG Transporttechnik GmbH
The KAMAG PT: Copyright KAMAG Transporttechnik GmbH
The KAMAG PT: Copyright KAMAG Transporttechnik GmbH

Alongside adherence to deadlines and safety, efficiency is of the utmost importance in the logistics sector. This applies not only to the organisation of route planning, but also for in-house logistics in the depot. Motivated by this principle, the EDAG Group has, in close cooperation with KAMAG Transporttechnik GmbH, developed a new type of terminal tractor for depot logistics which takes efficiency, comfort and performance to a new level. Ulm-based KAMAG is a well-known manufacturer of industrial vehicles, module transporters and vehicles for terminal logistics. The KAMAG Precision Tractor (PT) which, following its premiere at the beginning of 2021, is now to go into series production, is the result of this 20-month development period.

The KAMAG PT was designed specifically for the precise and rapid transport of all standard semi-trailers and container chassis. When it comes to performance, safety and ergonomics, the semi-trailer truck sets new standards in depot logistics. With its unique driving characteristics, the KAMAG PT reduces manoeuvring times and increases efficiency for forwarding companies, logisticians and courier services, retail, wholesale and mail order traders, manufacturing companies and commercial vehicle rental companies. 

During development, particular attention was paid to vehicle ergonomics, so as to make the up to 200 transfer operations driven a day as health-friendly and at the same time as efficient as possible. To this end, the EDAG Group used true scale ergonomic and simulation models during development, to enable the specific work processes to be understood and optimised in advance. As a result of this simulation work, a means of easy access with a spacious working area behind the cab was developed, which allows quick hitching and unhitching of the semi-trailer. Entering and exiting the vehicle has also been adapted to the rapid pace of everyday routine in logistics yards - always bearing a high level of safety for the end customer in mind.

In order to further improve safety, a large windscreen was integrated which, along with the additional window on the lower edge of the cab provides greatly improves all-round visibility. Finally, the access door to the driver's cab, which is also fully glazed, made it possible not only to reduce the number of blind spots to a minimum, but also to ensure upright access to the driver's cab. 

In this project, the EDAG Group was responsible for the complete vehicle architecture, for the development of the cab and chassis with the associated components, and for meeting homologation requirements.